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    With a Substance Abuse Traffic Offense Program that serves over 30,000 offenders each year, it’s clear that Missouri has a problem with alcohol abuse. Though alcohol abuse is a problem in this city, there are bigger problems with addictions to substances such as cocaine and heroin. St. Louis has plenty of therapists who help clients struggling with addictions or drug abuse. Seeking help from one of these therapists can give people the tools they need to make healthier decisions that improve their lives, eliminating DUI offenses, and narcotic arrests.

    Missouri has a large population of military veterans who may need mental health services after coming home from combat. The Veterans Affairs St. Louis Health Care System offers a variety of counseling options to meet the needs of veterans. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a very common issue for those returning home after war. Unfortunately, some experts believe that at least 50 percent of people with PTSD do not seek treatment. They may feel embarrassed by their mental health issues or they may try to mask the symptoms by using drugs and alcohol. These short-term solutions often lead to dependency and legal troubles.

    Several interstates and expressways intersect in St. Louis. This can create a nightmare situation for people struggling with certain types of anxiety disorders. Anxiety triggered by traffic, claustrophobia, and stress may force people to avoid areas of the city where these roads cross paths. Highways 64, 70, 55, 44, and 255 are main traffic arteries for St. Louis residents. Those who can’t use them without experiencing extreme anxiety suffer from symptoms such as panic attacks, elevated heart rate, and confusion, creating a dangerous situation for everyone on the road.

    The Saint Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute provides treatment for a variety of anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and agoraphobia. All of these disorders can manifest on crowded highways, as well as in other situations that make patients feel uncomfortable.When searching for a therapist, keep in mind some key aspects, such as office location, therapist gender, therapist area of expertise, and treatment methods. Pick a therapist that will make you feel comfortable. If you ever begin to feel uncomfortable, you can always change your therapist or method of treatment.

    Most veterans qualify for mental health services at the VA in St. Louis. They can also use insurance to help cover the cost of visiting a private counselor who specializes in mental health disorders commonly experienced by veterans. For questions about insurance covering treatment of any disorder, contact your provider or your doctor.

    These mental health issues are very serious for the people living with them. If you or a loved one shows symptoms of addiction, PTSD, or anxiety, it’s best to find a qualified therapist as soon as possible. Mental health problems don’t disappear on their own. By taking advantage of the resources in St. Louis, you and your loved ones can lead healthier lives with fewer mental health burdens. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, TherapyTribe is here to make finding treatment easier.