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St. Louis, Missouri therapist: Iam Jophiel, LCSW, SEP, CCTP-II, therapist

Iam Jophiel, LCSW, SEP, CCTP-II

Therapist, @ Balanced Life Counseling & Consulting
Our spirituality affects our lives in ways we don’t often see, but we can definitely feel it. Connecting with your source of power can help to empower your life!  
15 Years Experience
In-Person in St. Louis, MO 63119
Online in St. Louis, Missouri
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Community and Long-Term Care Psychiatry, L.L.C.

Psychiatrist, Psychiatrists and LCSWs
All our therapists have extensive background in treating this condition.  
9 Years Experience
In-Person in St. Louis, MO 63128
Online in St. Louis, Missouri
Wildwood, Missouri therapist: Ingrid McCarty, licensed clinical social worker

Ingrid McCarty

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., A.C.S.W.
Ingrid offers real-life solutions to resolve the roadblocks that stand in your way to happiness and inner peace. Each individual's life experience is unique and therefore each therapeutic approach is specifically designed with your personal goals guiding the process.   
31 Years Experience
In-Person Near St. Louis, MO
Santa Fe, New Mexico therapist: Dr. Amanda Roberts, psychologist

Dr. Amanda Roberts

Psychologist, PhD Clinical Psychology, Masters in Marriage Family Therapy
We are fundamentally spiritual beings. When we become divorced from this reality we are exiled from our essence. Spiritual bankruptcy is the basis for most of our suffering in this incarnation. A reclamation of who we truly are provides the remedy and pathway towards a more joyful, compassion filled life.  
39 Years Experience
Online in St. Louis, Missouri
Austin, Texas therapist: Dr. Mike Strand, psychologist

Dr. Mike Strand

Psychologist, PsyD
Spirituality can be a profound source of comfort and guidance, yet navigating one’s spiritual path can sometimes lead to inner conflict and questions. In my practice, I honor the role of spirituality in mental health and personal growth, offering a space to explore and integrate your spiritual beliefs with your journey towards well-being. Together, we’ll discover how your spiritual values can enrich your life, provide strength in times of challenge, and guide you toward a deeper sense of purpose and connection.  
16 Years Experience
Online in St. Louis, Missouri