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    Washington, D.C., is a city composed of an economy that is largely driven by the federal government. This creates a diverse array of jobs and living conditions that can make daily living challenging for many people living there. TherapyTribe is a community composed of mental health specialists who are familiar with what life in Washington is like and are prepared to treat any issue that comes their way. Use the directory below to locate a local mental health professional that will help you and your loved ones live relaxed and happy lives.

    The varied socio-economic status of the residents of Washington, D.C. results in a range of mental health issues such as anxiety disorders, substance addiction and depression. One of the largest reasons for hospitalization is psychosis, and alcoholism is a major issue among residents. The city is home to a large network of counselors and therapists who are trained in dealing with these issues and more. Those who are seeking help with their issue, no matter what it may be, has convenient access to a professional who is capable of working on a one-on-one basis with their client.

    A large part of the population of Washington, D.C. is lower-income. This means that those who are in the most need of mental health services are least likely to receive the care they need. To address this issue, the Department of Behavioral Health was formed to better offer services to those in need. The new department is the result of combining the Department of Mental Health and the Addiction Prevention Recovery Administration. Research showed that those who have mental health issues were more likely to have an accompanying substance abuse issue. Combining treatment for both issues greatly increased the recovery rate for patients.

    Two common social issues are under scrutiny by the Department of Health. Smoking and binge drinking are issues that have a mental health component in the form of addiction. Binge drinking regularly sends people to the hospital for alcohol poisoning and can be fatal. Smoking has both mental and physical components that have known harmful effects from long-term use. The Department of Health is addressing both of these issues through awareness campaigns.

    Washington D.C., is participating in the expansion of Medicaid for those who qualify. The expansion means that more people who were once ineligible can now get health care coverage. The criteria for qualifying depends on the size and income of the family who is seeking coverage. Medicaid offers coverage for a variety of mental health treatment from providers. The expansion of the program means that those who are in need of therapy now have a realistic opportunity to get care that was previously difficult to get. TherapyTribe can help you find mental health care providers who accept Medicaid and traditional health insurance.

    No one has to go without care, regardless if it is for mental or physical needs. Washington, D.C. has a far-reaching network of mental health specialists that are qualified to treat issues that range from depression, schizophrenia, substance addiction and anxiety disorders. It is never easy to take the first step towards seeking help, but the reward of mental wellness is worth making the move forward.