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Washington, District of Columbia therapist: Douglas LaBier, Ph.D., psychologist

Douglas LaBier, Ph.D.

Psychologist, Ph.D.
I help people in the midst of affairs, who wish to resolve what they are seeking, why. That includes deciding f the person or couple desires to end the affair and remain together, to heal the relationship, or not. I describe the different kinds of affairs people engage in; and how some affairs are psychologically healthy. I've published articles on both, which I suggest the person or couple read.  
52 Years Experience
In-Person in Washington, DC 20015
Online in Washington, D.C.
Westport, Connecticut therapist: Jason Powell, marriage and family therapist

Jason Powell

Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT, CST
An area of focus for my practice is related to infidelity. Affair recovery through a relationship or individual lens is something I have a great deal of comfort and experience doing.  
3 Years Experience
In-Person in Washington, DC 20036
Online in Washington, D.C.
Boynton Beach, Florida therapist: Robin Kaye Stilwell, marriage and family therapist

Robin Kaye Stilwell

Marriage and Family Therapist, M.A., L.M.F.T.
When a spouse or significant partner has an involvement either sexually or emotionally with someone else, healing is a challenge. Rebuilding trust takes time and patience. It may present an opportunity to address past issues that may have been ignored for a long time.  
42 Years Experience
Online in Washington, D.C.
Greenwich, Connecticut therapist: Sala Psychology, psychologist

Sala Psychology

We work with couples seeking to rebuild trust and intimacy after an affair,  
3 Years Experience
Online in Washington, D.C.
New York City, New York therapist: Alan Jacobson, Psy.D., psychologist

Alan Jacobson, Psy.D.

Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist, Nationally Registered Health Service Provider
I work with couples where infidelity has been an issue, helping them find a path to forgiveness and navigate the emotional aftereffects. I also work with individuals who want to sort out the emotional impact of infidelity. For individuals, even when forgiveness is not possible, therapy can help people overcome and understand the feelings it produces in order to emerge stronger.  
23 Years Experience
Online in Washington, D.C.