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Nottinghamshire, England therapist: Dr Bernard Horsford, psychologist
Life Coaching

Dr Bernard Horsford

Psychologist, PhD, D Occ Psych, MBA, LLB, BA(hons), LLB(hons) DipAdEd, DipM, FCIPD, MIoD, MAE, CPychol, AFBPsS
I have worked as a psychologist in a variety of clinical settings dealing with occupational, clinical and forensic issues. In these settings I have provided individual and group therapy, crisis intervention and psychological assessment services.  
26 Years Experience
In-Person in London, England W1J 9HF
London, England therapist: Aleksandra Pamphlett - Cert. Coach & Psychologist, life coach
Life Coaching

Aleksandra Pamphlett - Cert. Coach & Psychologist

Life Coach, MAC, MSc, BSc Hons,
Life coaching helps to gain clarity on what you really want from your life and what's stopping you from being where you want to be and who you want to be. Coaching helps to understand the link between your thoughts, behaviours and emotions. It's a powerful process that allows you to totally transform your life.  
10 Years Experience
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London, England therapist: Birgit Schreiber, psychologist
Life Coaching

Birgit Schreiber

Psychologist, PhD and MA in Psychology
Overall life coaching is very useful for being more active and directive in our sessions. This is a focus that enables us to experiment and be bold.  
24 Years Experience
Online in London, England
London, England  therapist: Dr. Bonnie Wims, psychologist
Life Coaching

Dr. Bonnie Wims

Psychologist, UK Chartered Counseling Psychologist
Life can be hard and sometimes we just need to have a confidant that isn't involved in our everyday live to run things by, get advice on what to do, and generally just have solid, non-judgmental support.  
16 Years Experience
In-Person in London, ENG SE15 3BX
Online in London, England
London, England therapist: Ashley Horsley, registered psychotherapist
Life Coaching

Ashley Horsley

Registered Psychotherapist, BA, MA, Post MA Dip, BPS Accred
Life Coaching means your life needs to change, right? Do you need someone to help you access your dynamic energy and target it at making the appropriate changes in your life? Do you need me to help you figure out what it is exactly that needs to change and then help you build the path towards those changes? This I can do: come and find me.  
23 Years Experience
In-Person in London, ENG
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London, England therapist: Kamran Bedi, therapist
Life Coaching

Kamran Bedi

Therapist, Advanced Anxiety/PTSD treatment and Confidence building. Fast results. IEMT, NLP, Hypnotherapy.
As a life coach I have worked with people in TV and the Media, CEO's business and start ups. The sessions are outcome orientated where the focus is on strategy and achieving results.  
11 Years Experience
In-Person in London, ENG W1K 5LH
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Milton Keynes, England  therapist: The PsychoTRAUMA Clinic (Convergence College of Psychotherapy), registered psychotherapist
Life Coaching

The PsychoTRAUMA Clinic (Convergence College of Psychotherapy)

Registered Psychotherapist, Rev, DD (hon), DMin, Various Dips & Certs.
Life Coaching is the latest fad found in training, within counselling/coaching these days. Personally i don't think it is an alliance of those two but rather an alliance between 'coaching and psychotherapy', because in counselling one must not offer advice or make suggestions other than look at options, counsellors are not to take responsibility for clients decision making, so altering a persons life decisions could be quite consequential for the worst, we are told. So for a life change in direction, It needs to come from the client, or it's not true counselling. Coaching is something else and a good coach needs the in depth training in psychotherapy experience and to comprehend the deep workings of the mind to make a significant improvement for the better and the client needs to be aware you have that extra wisdom that comes from the work as a psychotherapist and not as a simple counsellor.  
29 Years Experience
In-Person in London, ENG W1G 9QD
Online in London, England
London, England  therapist: James Hitchen - I Am James Therapy & Coaching, therapist
Life Coaching

James Hitchen - I Am James Therapy & Coaching

Therapist, Psychotherapeutic counselling (level 5), MBACP, AdV member Addiction Professionals, MNCPS accred. National Centre For Eating Disorders
I am member of the International Stress Management Association and the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Practitioners. I have a holistic view of mental health and wellbeing helping clients to look after their mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health to thrive in life. I work collaboratively with my clients using both counselling and coaching skills to help promote positive, lasting change. I offer a range of services from 1:1 and group counselling/coaching sessions. I trained at Richmond College.  
7 Years Experience
In-Person in London, ENG SW5
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London, England  therapist: Wellbeing Centre London, registered psychotherapist
Life Coaching

Wellbeing Centre London

Registered Psychotherapist, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Psychology, CBT, EMDR and Therapy, Coaching
We provide effective Life and Transformational Coaching to help you make positive changes and live the life you love.  
14 Years Experience
In-Person in London, ENG SW15 2SP
Online in London, England
Bristol, England  therapist: DR BP Upadhaya, psychologist
Life Coaching

DR BP Upadhaya

Neuropsychology Psychology Holistic Medicines Holistic Therapies Integrated Medicine Integrated Therapy Functional Medicine Unified Therapy Diet Therapy Nutrition Therapy Hypnotherapy NLP Psycho-visual Therapy Family Therapy Psycho-sexual Therapy Sexual and Marital Psychotherapy Homeopathy Herbal Medicine Naturopathy Quantum Medicine  
25 Years Experience
In-Person in London, ENG W1W 7LT
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London, England  therapist: Dr Ian Anderson, psychologist
Life Coaching

Dr Ian Anderson

Psychologist, Consultant Clinical Psychologist (HCPC registered), PhD, MSc, MSc, MSc, MA (Econ), BA (Econ) Hons
Psychologists are very well placed to be life coaches. Essentially, clinical psychologists are no more and no less than behaviour change specialists. My approach to life coaching is to begin at the end: identify where you want to go. Next we need to understand where we are, and then all we need to do is to define the steps between where we are and where we want to go. Easy, really. I would love to accompany you on the journey.  
44 Years Experience
In-Person in London, ENG EC1V 2NX
Online in London, England
London, England  therapist: Anna Daphna, psychologist
Life Coaching

Anna Daphna

Psychologist, MEd, GMBPsS, BPS accred, ADHD, Executive Function Coach accred, BEd, QTS, NLP, Leadership, Cert.
FREE consultation! Are you feeling a bit lost and unmotivated? Or maybe you are not clear about what you want in life. My clients feel like they want to wake up 10 minutes earlier to work on their goals. Start your coaching journey today!  
22 Years Experience
In-Person in London, ENG W1W 7LT
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Bristol, England  therapist: Dr Grenville Major, therapist
Life Coaching

Dr Grenville Major

Therapist, MBchB, MRCpsych, MSc psychological therapies
What is your purpose in life. What is the meaning. Profound questions and hard to answer. Philosophers have been trying for centuries. They are however essential questions to get a grip on, if you want to understand and explore you life in order to get the most from it. As a therapist I can help. I would like to meet with you to see what can be done to help you. This will enable us to get to know each other and see if we can work together. It’s important for you to work with someone you trust and feel safe with.  
43 Years Experience
In-Person in London, ENG SW19 2RW
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