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North Port, Florida therapist: Lisa C. Holder, licensed professional counselor

Lisa C. Holder

Licensed Professional Counselor, PhD, LPC
In this uncertain world, where stress abounds both in families and individually, the the ability to cope may seem confusing and overwhelming at times. If your life has begun to feel like a never ending battle, feelings of depression or anxiety have taken over, or personal relationships have turned to hurt and frustration instead of the joy it once had, please reach out for a helping hand. Whether you suffer from personal issues, relationship stress, trauma from past experiences or just need an expert ear to talk through your feelings: I'm here to help you reach your goals.  
25 Years Experience
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Tampa, Florida therapist: Heidi Ison, licensed clinical social worker

Heidi Ison

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, MSW, LCSW, QSP, BCD
*Only accepting new skills class and group therapy clients.* 90min RO DBT and DBT skills training classes run weekly. $65 per session.  
16 Years Experience
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Gainesville, Florida therapist: Let it Shine Counseling, counselor/therapist

Let it Shine Counseling

Counselor/Therapist, LMHC
I offer a down-to-earth style of therapy that is open and empathetic, as well as directive with teaching new skills and alternative ways of being. You will like my style if you're interested in learning about your brain and nervous system, learning and practicing mindfulness techniques, and if you're ready to make some important changes in your life-- no matter where you are in your healing process. I like to bring the body into therapy, so we aren't stuck in our cognitive (thinking) brain.  
5 Years Experience
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Sarasota, Florida therapist: Katherine Best, licensed clinical social worker

Katherine Best

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, PhD., MSW, MPH, LCSW
I am founder of the Encouragement Institute, a licensed clinical social worker, EMDR therapist and certified coach. Years of education and experience as a social and behavioral health researcher enables me to bring a wealth of knowledge to our interactions to help you with barriers and obstacles you may be facing. With a former background as a classical ballerina, and working as a professor for many years I bring a combination of discipline, empathy, and proven strategies to motivate and encourage you to bring out the BEST you have to offer yourself, your family, and your community.  
19 Years Experience
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Omaha, Nebraska therapist: Karen Baumstark, Ph.D., psychologist

Karen Baumstark, Ph.D.

Psychologist, Ph.D., CMHIMP, CTACC
In searching for a therapist, you are taking the first step in what could be the most important journey of your life. It is definitely possible to make important, lasting improvements in your life and levels of happiness, satisfaction, and success. Therapy is often an effective way to attain these goals. With almost 40 years of experience working as a counselor and then a psychologist, I am well-qualified to help you identify what is standing in the way of increased life satisfaction, and help you effectively work towards your goals. People often get stuck in old patterns that make them unhappy, want to change them, but don't know how. I work together with my clients to understand how old patterns in thought, feeling, and behavior got established, and then explore how best to change those patterns. I enjoy doing longer term, deeper work with clients, to create significant, meaningful, and lasting change. I often employ a holistic approach, exploring personal history, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationship history and issues, as well as issues including medical history, self-care habits, and experiences of spirituality. I view the therapy relationship as a partnership, respecting the pace and timing that the client requires.  
33 Years Experience
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