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Las Vegas, Nevada therapist: Dr. Vicki D. Coleman (Dr. Vicki), The Anger Doctor, licensed professional counselor
Autism and Asperger's

Dr. Vicki D. Coleman (Dr. Vicki), The Anger Doctor

Licensed Professional Counselor, LCPC, LPCC, LPC, LMFT, LCSW, CCMHC, QMHP, MAC, DAC, SAP, CAMF, BCC, HS-BCP
Examine the challenges related to Autism & Asperger's with an emphasis on communication skills.  
34 Years Experience
In-Person in Las Vegas, NV 89117
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas, Nevada therapist: Las Vegas Hypnosis Center, hypnotherapist
Autism and Asperger's

Las Vegas Hypnosis Center

Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach With Over 24 Years Experience.
When I hear the diagnosis of Autism or Asperger's, I immediately hear "Highly Intelligent & Usually Misunderstood". To be clear... I don't diagnose or "treat" Autism or Asperger's, because I don't think there's anything to treat. Yes, of course there are challenges that come with having Autism/Asperger's but every client is unique, and I help those on the spectrum to recognize their "Super Powers", resolve challenges they may be experiencing, and set and achieve goals in their life that they choose. Not ones others try to set for them. To give you a better idea of my approach with Autism & Asperger's, you may enjoy viewing this workshop I taught with a colleague of mine a few years back: To find out more, you can either call me for a Free Hypnosis Discover Session at 702-626-4901 or you can schedule a time online at: Talk Soon!  
27 Years Experience
In-Person in Las Vegas, NV 89120
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada
Houston, Texas therapist: Christine Henry, psychologist
Autism and Asperger's

Christine Henry

Psychologist, Ph.D
Understanding your autistic identity can help you live the life you want to have. Your relationships with friends, family, and coworkers can improve. You can better understand your communication and what goes wrong when you try to connect with others. Learn about your sensory needs so they don't get in the way. Find new ways to regulate your emotions. Find ways to conserve energy so you don't get burned out.  
17 Years Experience
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada
Chicago, Illinois therapist: Michele Sitorus (Inner Peace Psychological Care), psychologist
Autism and Asperger's

Michele Sitorus (Inner Peace Psychological Care)

Psychologist, Psy.D.
Interventions are tailored to the unique needs and challenges of the individual, often focusing on enhancing social communication skills, managing sensory sensitivities, and developing coping strategies for executive function difficulties. Additionally, therapy may involve support for families to better understand and support their loved one with autism, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.  
5 Years Experience
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada
 therapist: Jamie Pettus, psychologist
Autism and Asperger's

Jamie Pettus

Psychologist, PsyD
My work with autism is emerging as I obtain more training. I will be offering both therapy and assessment for autistic persons.  
21 Years Experience
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada