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Las Vegas, Nevada therapist: Las Vegas Hypnosis Center, hypnotherapist
Sports Psychology

Las Vegas Hypnosis Center

Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach With Over 24 Years Experience.
Did you know that many of the best athletes on the planet today (and many from the past) utilize Hypnosis & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in their Sports Enhancement? I'm kind of a "Secret Weapon" for dozens of athletes, all over the world, for helping them to both "Get Their Mojo Back" when they've lost it, and help them to Stay In The Zone and continue to improve once I help them find their way back. The techniques I teach you go way beyond traditional Sports Psychology and are some of the most advanced and cutting edge techniques available today. Many techniques I use are the same techniques Tony Robbins uses to help top athletes perform at their absolute best. To find out more, you can either call me for a Free Hypnosis Discover Session at 702-626-4901 or you can schedule a time online at: Talk Soon!  
27 Years Experience
In-Person in Las Vegas, NV 89120
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada
New York City, New York therapist: Alan Jacobson, Psy.D., psychologist
Sports Psychology

Alan Jacobson, Psy.D.

Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist, Nationally Registered Health Service Provider
I provide sports and performance psychology to high school, college, and professional athletes. I have worked with world-class athletes in a variety of sports (softball, baseball, soccer, figure skating, fencing, dance, basketball, and more). Whether you are a high school athlete or a professional, I use the most advanced, innovative techniques. I aim to help you feel "flow" more often, improve your overall performance, and experience a new and lasting sense of joy.  
23 Years Experience
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada
 therapist: Dr. Sheryl Ferguson, psychologist
Sports Psychology

Dr. Sheryl Ferguson

Psychologist, (Psy.D.)
I can help with sports psychology. During our collaborative experience together, I will provide an empathic and caring space to help you move through your struggles, so you can live your best life. Together we will find ways towards a path of feeling better, leaning new coping skills to reconnect with your internal self.  
21 Years Experience
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada
 therapist: Alicia Townsend, psychologist
Sports Psychology

Alicia Townsend

Psychologist, PhD, BCN
Being your best both physically and mentally are crucial for success in sports and other competitive activities. Sport psychology can help you master mental strategies to perform better. Issues such as injury prevention and recovery, fears and anxiety, goal setting and achievement, and more can be addressed with sport psychology. I studied and trained in sport psychology at the University of North Texas, and I can help you improve your physical and mental game.  
19 Years Experience
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada
Alexandria, Virginia therapist: Abby Cobey, psychologist
Sports Psychology

Abby Cobey

Psychologist, PsyD
When you are an athlete goals are super important. Sometimes, however, we get distracted from our goals. Sometimes we know why we're distracted and sometimes we don't. I'm here to help you figure out what's going on with you so that you can perform to your best potential and find the flow you need to accomplish the challenges in front of you. As a fellow athlete, I totally get the drive to do hard things. Facing challenges is fun and we can do it together!  
13 Years Experience
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada