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Las Vegas, Nevada therapist: Las Vegas Hypnosis Center, hypnotherapist
Weight Loss

Las Vegas Hypnosis Center

Hypnotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner & Life Coach With Over 24 Years Experience.
If you're ready to work together as a team with a professional Hypnotherapist & Weight Loss Coach to help you achieve your weight loss goals, then let's have a no cost, no obligation conversation about it. To find out more, you can either call me for a Free Hypnosis Discover Session at 702-626-4901 or you can schedule a time online at:  
27 Years Experience
In-Person in Las Vegas, NV 89120
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Las Vegas, Nevada therapist: Mindy Ash Hypnosis Centers in Las Vegas and Hypnosis in Henderson Nevada, hypnotherapist
Weight Loss

Mindy Ash Hypnosis Centers in Las Vegas and Hypnosis in Henderson Nevada

Hypnotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapy Instructor, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, EQ Coach, Master Business Coach, Author
Are you emotional eating? Is your portion size too large? Do you eat too much sugar? When you diet and use your willpower to try and change your eating but then something happens and you go off of your diet and you don't know why. In hypnotherapy there is a saying "it's not what you are eating, it's what's eating you." With hypnosis we will uncover why you are doing what you are doing and then we will have you replace unhealthy habits with health ones so that you can let go of the unwanted weight.  
18 Years Experience
In-Person in Las Vegas, NV 89169
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada
Chicago, Illinois therapist: Ebb & Flow Counseling + Coaching, psychologist
Weight Loss

Ebb & Flow Counseling + Coaching

Psychologist, PsyD
We have experience with weight management and are well-versed in CBT skills for weight loss as well as strong familiarity with bariatric surgery and semaglutide treatment.  
14 Years Experience
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada
Phoenix, Arizona therapist: Sherrie Kaelin, licensed professional counselor
Weight Loss

Sherrie Kaelin

Licensed Professional Counselor, LMHC, LPC, LCPC
Struggling with weight loss can have a tremendous impact on our quality of life. It is also increasingly impacting people's health. I utilize cognitive behavior therapy and education regarding how food is used and connected to mental health issues to assist clients with improving their overall health.  
25 Years Experience
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada
Chandler, Arizona therapist: Dr. Rae Mazzei, psychologist
Weight Loss

Dr. Rae Mazzei

Psychologist, PsyD, BCB
As a Health Psychologist, my focus is to help you deal with the psychological issues related to weight loss. Dealing with emotional eating, food addiction, and lifestyle issues is essential when losing weight. We will develop a treatment plan so you can lose weight effectively and keep the weight off, while feeling great.  
10 Years Experience
Online in Las Vegas, Nevada