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Sydney, New South Wales therapist: Jacky Ho Yin Wan, psychologist

Jacky Ho Yin Wan

Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist AHPRA-registered
I am experienced in creating and implementing tailored treatment plans for clients diagnosed with psychotic spectrum disorders.  
10 Years Experience
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Rushworth, Victoria therapist: Israel Berger, counselor/therapist

Israel Berger

Counsellor/Therapist, MBBS, MPsych, PhD, CCTP
Psychosis can be scary, especially when you know there is something not right. It can also cause significant trauma. I have worked with people who have had a single episode and people who have had many over many years. I have also experienced mild psychotic symptoms myself with my depression. Everyone has a different experience, but I have some idea of what you may be going through. My aim is to help you recognise early warning signs, gain insight into your experiences, and help you improve function so that you can live your life despite psychosis.  
17 Years Experience
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Bondi Junction, New South Wales therapist: Dr Rostik Bershadsky, counselor/therapist

Dr Rostik Bershadsky

Counsellor/Therapist, Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst, Counsellor
There are unfortunate times when a person seems to be destined to face way more serious problems than usual daily conflicts, uncomfortable emotions and anxieties, minor symptoms, and personal hardships, etc. These are situations when one may feel that something deeply severe is happening, something experienced like a major disruption with one’s world, rupture in one’s sense of reality, progressively leading to inability to function and manage regular life routine, or even simply communicate with others. If you, or people close to you, experience some of the above-mentioned odd changes, are feeling deeply alienated from the world, overwhelmed by weird thoughts, ideas, or intrusive sounds, residing in acute stress, constantly having a feeling of danger, persecution, threat, that someone wishes to inflict harm to you or your loved ones, you may be experiencing a psychotic episode. The treatment of psychosis of a challenge that requires mental efforts and is always time consuming. Sometimes an acute state necessitates integrative treatment, which would include medical and psychological interventions alongside social support. When dealing with psychosis, the course of therapy tends to be lengthy aiming to provide the person with necessary ongoing support and assistance in strengthening his/her ego, enhancing the restoration of meaning and stability, and as a result, gaining back some degree of control over one’s experiences and ability to reconnect with life routine. This may be gradually achieved by relying on a very special relationship with the therapist, which is based on genuine trust, uncompromised respect and considerable support. I have been working with people suffering from psychosis for many years in psychiatric hospital and outpatient clinic, as well as my own practice. I have treated people at various stages of psychosis, with different degrees of severity. My patients were from many different backgrounds and age groups. With many of them considerable changes have been achieved improving the overall quality of life, restoring relationships with family and other meaningful people. In other cases, people could bring back their life routines, including going back to a career or work paths, feeling competent to function within the broad society. My approach and initial perspective are that there is much to be done with psychosis and there is always a hope to get better. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss possible treatment.  
8 Years Experience
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Northcote, Victoria therapist: Kate Cooke Counselling & Psychotherapy - Initial contact by email only please., registered psychotherapist

Kate Cooke Counselling & Psychotherapy - Initial contact by email only please.

Registered Psychotherapist, Credentialled Mental Health Nurse, Psychodramatist (AANZPA), MBT Therapist, PACFA Clinical Registrant.
For many decades, Kate has worked with psychotic clients, enjoying finding agreeable pathways for communication.  
47 Years Experience
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