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Melbourne, Victoria therapist: Dr Maggie Hall, psychologist

Dr Maggie Hall

Psychologist, BA (Hons), DPsyc (Clin), MAPS, CCLIN
Dr Maggie Hall is a warm and kind Clinical Psychologist who has a passion for helping people move forward in their lives. She is non-judgemental and empathetic and has a strong desire to help people. She has over ten years experience and uses evidenced based therapies such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness to treat anxiety, depression and a range of other difficulties.  
13 Years Experience
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Abbotsford, Victoria therapist: Mr Michael Green, psychologist

Mr Michael Green

Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Somatic Psychotherapist, Yoga Therapist, Meditation Teacher
I enjoy working collaboratively to create a shared sense of the goals and process of therapy. My work is informed by Clinical Psychology within a psychodynamic framework, my training in somatic psychotherapy, and a deep interest in the intersection of the mind, body, emotions and spirit. WIth regard to the latter I utilise the practices of yoga and meditation as a means to further the growth inherent in any beneficial therapeutic work.  
29 Years Experience
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Bundall, Queensland therapist: Susan Loane Counselling - Voted Best Counselling Gold Coast Region!, psychologist

Susan Loane Counselling - Voted Best Counselling Gold Coast Region!

Psychologist, AHPA, AASW.QCoss. Combined Degree: Psychology:Bachelor of Social Work: Bachelor of Social Sciences UQ/Qut
With twenty-six years experience as a psychotherapist and counsellor, I offer a broad range of psychotherapeutic counselling strategies and skills sets for my clients needs. I have over the years provided successful outcomes for my clients. I have a non-judgemental approach towards my clients presenting situations, and I am an empathetic and patient with my client's intervention. I have worked successfully establishing a credible reputation as a psychotherapist and counsellor at all levels of psychotherapeutic counselling. This I have achieved Nationally; including leading Australian hospitals, also at rural country district Hospitals, and, also at the higher end suburbs of Sydney, NSW. This I have achieved at both governmental and non governmental fields of practice. I now have opened my private practice at 'home' where I grew up, in the much loved Gold Coast areas. My practice is located in Bundall. I bring my extensive knowledge and skills for the benefit of, accurately identify your counselling interventions for the best outcomes for you, or your partner, or, for your family. I feel that it is quint essential to provide you with the respect and patience for your situation. I think is is also essential to be empathetic and compassion for your situation. My office hours are widely flexible for your busy schedules, and I am open weekends, and evenings. I also have the essential accreditation and registration for both Medicare and Private Health Funds. I personally process your claims the same day as your counselling appointment with me. I do hope I can meet with you soon to discuss your counselling matters further. Kindest regards, Susan.  
26 Years Experience
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Bondi Junction, New South Wales therapist: Dr Rostik Bershadsky, counselor/therapist

Dr Rostik Bershadsky

Counsellor/Therapist, Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst, Counsellor
I am a psychoanalyst in private practice in Sydney, member of the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis (ACP) and the Forum of Melbourne of the IF-SPFLF. Also a senior forensic clinician and psychotherapist, with many years of clinical experience, previously working in mental health hospital and outpatient clinic.  
8 Years Experience
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Spotswood, Victoria therapist: Dimitri Hawa Psychologist, psychologist

Dimitri Hawa Psychologist

Psychologist, Psychologist-BA, BPsycSc (Hons), GradDipProfPsych
Dimitri has a wealth of experience as a psychologist, offering assessment, support, counselling, and psychotherapy services to a diverse clientele that spans children, adolescents, and adults. His expertise encompasses a wide range of psychological counseling domains, including relationship counseling, grief, stress management, work-related issues, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, anger management, and personal development. Dimitri also specialises in addressing neurodiverse challenges, and excels in facilitating the psychological recovery from trauma, including complex trauma presentations related to issues such as childhood and adult abuse, domestic violence, family dysfunction, childhood neglect, abandonment/mistrust wounds and attachment difficulties. His professional journey has taken him through various roles, including private practice clinician over several years, school psychologist, and providing telephone counseling for high-risk and vulnerable individuals. Dimitri's experience extends to conducting psychological assessments and offering counselling support to Victims of Crime through (VOCAT), clients associated with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), Workcover clients, and those covered by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and has previously provided psychological support within prison settings. Dimitri is a registered Psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), holding Registration number PSY0001684002. He is also a registered Medicare Service Provider and is qualified to assist clients covered by Worksafe, DVA, NDIS, and TAC.  
7 Years Experience
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