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Sydney, New South Wales therapist: Jacky Ho Yin Wan, psychologist
Dissociative Disorders

Jacky Ho Yin Wan

Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist AHPRA-registered
I am experienced in supporting clients with diagnosed Dissociative Disorders.  
10 Years Experience
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Dissociative Disorders

Ardross Psychology Practice

Psychologist, Registered Clinical Psychologists - Dr Peter Gibbons and Adri Hunt
Both therapists have had ongoing training in dealing with dissociative states and have worked with deeply traumatised clients to enable a more effective response to trauma triggers, distress and stress-related situations. This process usually involves a therapeutic relationship that can stretch over a number of years. Both therapists are committed to ongoing training in the field of trauma  
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Sydney, New South Wales therapist: Robby Fullerton, psychologist
Dissociative Disorders

Robby Fullerton

Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist & Executive Coach
I work with clients on a range of issues relating to dissociative disorders and symptoms.  
9 Years Experience
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Rushworth, Victoria therapist: Israel Berger, counselor/therapist
Dissociative Disorders

Israel Berger

Counsellor/Therapist, MBBS, MPsych, PhD, CCTP
I have worked with people with a variety of dissociative disorders, including dissociative identity disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder with derealisation/depersonalisation, and borderline personality disorder. For DID, my aim is to help you to function at your best, not to forcibly integrate personalities (which can be very damaging). For other dissociative disorders, my aim is to help you reduce your symptoms and improve function and relationships.  
17 Years Experience
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Bundall, Queensland therapist: Susan Loane Counselling - Voted Best Counselling Gold Coast Region!, psychologist
Dissociative Disorders

Susan Loane Counselling - Voted Best Counselling Gold Coast Region!

Psychologist, AHPA, AASW.QCoss. Combined Degree: Psychology:Bachelor of Social Work: Bachelor of Social Sciences UQ/Qut
Dissociative Disorders: a very difficult area of mental health for the suffers and for the therapists working within the field. I have many years of experience within mental health and on account of my knowledge with this field, Dissociative Disorders clients have achieved clarity of their mental health condition and how to achieve a better state of mental health.  
26 Years Experience
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