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Bulimba, Queensland therapist: Katie Waller, psychologist

Katie Waller

Psychologist, BPsych (Hons), MA ClinPsych
I have helped those struggling with OCD and intrusive thoughts for a decade so understand experiencing these symptoms can be scary and confusing, but I know that you are NOT your thoughts, and there is help available. I have extensive training in ERP and I-CBT therapy to help you get your life back.  
9 Years Experience
In-Person Near Brisbane, QLD
Online in Australia
Sydney, New South Wales therapist: Jacky Ho Yin Wan, psychologist

Jacky Ho Yin Wan

Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist AHPRA-registered
I support clients with diagnosed OCD.  
10 Years Experience
Online in Australia
Melbourne, Victoria therapist: Dr Maggie Hall, psychologist

Dr Maggie Hall

Psychologist, BA (Hons), DPsyc (Clin), MAPS, CCLIN
Dr Maggie Hall specialises in the treatment of OCD. She uses an evidence based specialised Cognitive Behavioural Treatment (CBT) treatment for OCD referred to as Exposure Response Prevention (ERP).  
13 Years Experience
Online in Australia
Rushworth, Victoria therapist: Israel Berger, counselor/therapist

Israel Berger

Counsellor/Therapist, MBBS, MPsych, PhD, CCTP
I have experience working with people who have mild, moderate, and severe OCD. I generally take a CBT-based, exposure/response prevention approach when helping people to overcome OCD. This depends, of course, on your experience of OCD. I am also available to help autistic people manage OCD-like symptoms they find troubling.  
17 Years Experience
Online in Australia
Griffith, New South Wales therapist: Counselling Mediation & Relationship Centre, marriage and family therapist

Counselling Mediation & Relationship Centre

Marriage and Family Therapist, B.Coun,Graddip Family Dispute resolution FDRP
Individuals with Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder (OCD) are aware that their symptoms are irrational and excessive, but they find that the obsessions are uncontrollable or unstoppable and the compulsions are difficult or impossible to resist. Obsessions and compulsions are distressing, exhausting, and time consuming. It can significantly interfere with the individual’s daily routine, education/working life, family and social relationships. Obsessions and compulsions can lead to feelings of hopelessness and depression.  
13 Years Experience
Online in Australia