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Manhattan, New York therapist: Rebecca, Mitchell, licensed clinical social worker

Rebecca, Mitchell

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, MSEd, SIFI
Frequently, people who have experienced trauma develop extraordinary survival skills. Often the strategies that were critical for survival when you were a child, thwart the ability to develop satisfying work, family and/or romantic relationships in adulthood. Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to transcend patterns that are holding you back from achieving your goals, and realizing your potential. This often includes addressing family, career, and relationship issues within the treatment as well as recognizing thinking and/or behavior which may be harmful or holding you back. I specialize in the treatment of PTSD, anxiety and depression, and am certified in EMDR(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), CPT and MI. My practice is influenced by CBT, psychodynamic, Schema, Internal Family Systems and mindfulness-based therapies. We will spend our first sessions exploring important historical information, assessing your needs, and setting goals. You do not have to sit with your pain in silence, alone. I strive to nurture relationships with clients that are compassionate, kind, and non-judgmental, yet safe enough to tolerate direct but gentle confrontation. Together we will determine the approach and pace that will work best for you.  
8 Years Experience
Online in Buffalo, New York
Albany, New York therapist: Dr. Desiree S. Howell, psychologist

Dr. Desiree S. Howell

Psychologist, Ph.D.
Empowering couples, HSPs (highly-sensitive persons), & neurodivergent women to awaken, heal, and prosper while recovering from burnout, anxiety, life transitions, perfectionism, & people-pleasing. You don't need to do more, you need to feel safer! Your needs matter and you deserve to enjoy a lifestyle that works for you!  
15 Years Experience
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Clifton, New Jersey therapist: Dr. Mike Abrams, psychologist

Dr. Mike Abrams

Psychologist, PhD, MBA, ABPP
I limit my practice to a few clients with whom I can offer meaningful help. I do not think it is ethical for a psychologist to agree to work with someone who has a problem outside of their expertise or someone who has barriers that the psychologist suspects they cannot overcome. When I conclude that I can help someone, I collaborate with them while applying the most appropriate methods for their problems. I choose these methods from among the many I have studied or developed. This is sometimes called a Transdiagnostic Integrative technique. Here, a clinical label or diagnosis is less important than the unique collection of symptoms a person is living with. I also make sure that I come to understand the client's point of view, how their adversities, their personal philosophy, and their level of suffering combine to lead to their anxiety, depressed mood, or even anger. When the client agrees, I prefer to use psychological testing to be sure my assessment of the client's situation is supported by the best available science. When I conduct psychotherapy, I know it can only be effective when I view the client as presenting many intricate problems that must be fully understood, so each client's issues are approached as scientific hypotheses that guide therapy, which guide my specific interventions, but is always open to revision as new life history information or psychological data becomes available. Since I have trained numerous therapists and continue researching and publishing in the field, my clients are assured they receiving the most effective evidence-based interventions. If you do see me, you can be confident that you will be unconditionally accepted in a safe and comfortable therapeutic relationship with every effort being made to help you.  
37 Years Experience
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Rochester, New York therapist: Jenna Golden, licensed clinical social worker

Jenna Golden

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW
I love working with people to help them thrive in their environment, and to give them the coping skills and tools they need, to help them grow and succeed in the world around them. Life can be chaotic and stressful and I want to be able to provide you with a space where you feel safe and relaxed.  
10 Years Experience
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Georgetown, Texas therapist: Gregg Unterberger, licensed professional counselor

Gregg Unterberger

Licensed Professional Counselor, M.Ed., LPC
Making a decision to go to therapy isn't easy. Trouble sleeping? Is being anxious or depressed eating away at your relationships? Haunted by a broken relationship or an awful childhood? This decision can be a turning point: a moment of hope. It's time for a change. Maybe you just need someone who's knowledgable, objective and on your team! Let's roll up our sleeves & get to work. Call today for your "risk-free" appointment!  
26 Years Experience
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