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West Hollywood, California therapist: Dr. Ingrid Solano, psychologist
Social Constructionist

Dr. Ingrid Solano

Psychologist, PhD
I see myself as an intuitive, creative, informed, and highly trained Clinical Psychologist that provides a safe, nonjudgmental, and transformative environment. Therapy with me fosters a deep sense of engagement and connection, a sense of feeling heard and understood, and clarity where there was previously ambiguity. I have a passion for the importance of relationships, authentic living, self-acceptance, and the complex experiences of those who hold multiple identities. I specialize in hard to talk about topics that are often stigmatized or concealed.  I treat clients who are dealing with a variety of concerns including depression, anxiety, co-dependency, interpersonal problems (i.e., couples therapy, sex therapy), stigma/discrimination, childhood/adult sexual trauma, shame and guilt (among others). I specialize in non-traditional/diverse  relationships and sexuality, complex PTSD, LGBTQIA+ affirming therapy, and the unique stressors of being a creative.  I work well with curious individuals who are motivated to grow, share, be vulnerable, and play in therapy and in their lives. Creativity and curiosity in psychotherapy allows both of us to explore, question, imagine, and reflect on thoughts and experiences with depth and authenticity. Together we explore more flexible ways of thinking and relating to others. I offer evidence-based therapies from a curious, nonjudgmental philosophy. No matter where you have been, evidence-based therapies focus on changing the now. I strive to help my clients experience the world mindfully, and in accordance with their personal values. Through our work in cultivating an affirming, authentic, and non-judgmental therapeutic relationship, I provide support while we collaboratively deconstruct what is causing distress in your life and preventing you from being your most effective and authentic self. Individual therapy facilitates insight and growth, becoming more effective at actualizing your values, and building more authentic relationships with yourself and with others. While there are many forms of therapy you can pursue, my expertise is in time-limited, evidence-based Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies (CBT), the Unified Protocol for emotional disorders, and third wave CBT such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness based interventions. (I do have experience in, and practice, an eclectic arrangement of other modalities as well-- when applicable or specifically requested.) We explore thoughts, beliefs, and understanding, while also prioritizing behavioral processes that focus on your contexts and the functions of how you relate to your internal experiences. CBT is designed to help individuals notice and shift their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to get relief from painful emotions such as anxiety and sadness.  
13 Years Experience
Online in Buffalo, New York
Manhattan, New York therapist: Dr. Erica Gardner-Schuster, psychologist
Social Constructionist

Dr. Erica Gardner-Schuster

Psychologist, PhD
Do you long for greater love and purpose in your life? Do you feel lonely? Stuck in your struggles? Sad or down? Stressed or anxious? Group therapy can help you find deeper meaning and connection through the practice of authenticity: "letting go of who we think we're supposed to be and embracing who we are" (Brené Brown). By helping you bring your full authentic self into connection, Group can help you transcend loneliness to find more fulfilling relationships. Group can help you lean into your life with more courage, compassion and vulnerability. Group can support your unique journey as you find your way home to where you belong, and to the relationships that sustain you.  
14 Years Experience
Online in Buffalo, New York
Calgary, Alberta therapist: Farah Kurji & Associates, licensed clinical social worker
Social Constructionist

Farah Kurji & Associates

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, BSW, MSW, RSW, RCSW, LCSW, YTT, EMDR CIT
Tired of scanning? Finding the right fit for a therapist can be difficult and disappointing! But you being here is the right first step! I have been practicing therapy for 20 years and specialize in helping people feel "unstuck" and more "skilled and empowered". Sometimes we pop into the past to resolve things but ultimately my eye is on getting you to where you want to be by reducing the significant barriers. My team and I provide service in Alberta, BC, Yukon, Ontario and Saskatchewan via encrypted online service so you can be comfortable wherever you are!  
24 Years Experience
Online in Buffalo, New York