“I no longer have to pay $59 a month…”

I switched my website over from Therapysites and couldn’t be happier with my new website at TherapyTribe. Not only does my new website look better, but I no longer have to pay $59 a month at Therapysites. Additionally, it is great to have a link to online support groups for my clients. And the link for Crisis Helplines and Mental Health Resources is also very much appreciated.

I paid the $99 to have TherapyTribe switch over my website and was very pleased with how smoothly the process went. It was well worth the money spent. I would recommend that other therapists consider this option as time is money in our field. – Paulette Sears, MS, LPC “A website I actually feel excited to share…”

At first I was ambivalent about making changes to my website because I felt it would be a lot of work and I was unsure how the process would unfold. TherapyTribe made the transition virtually painless. My website designer was able to transfer content from my current website and also make many helpful suggestions for my new website. She was very intuitive in her approach and made design choices that just clicked with my personality and my practice. She also responded to all of my emails within an hour or so and she designed a website I actually feel excited to share. My website went live within a few business days and has been working great ever since. I am very pleased with my new website and the services provided by TherapyTribe. – Jennifer Francke LIMHP, LPC, LADC“I’m receiving more emails and phone calls…”

I made the switch from Therapysites to TherapyTribe. Customer support answered all my questions and concerns about making the change; easing any concern I had over my ability to make a smooth transition. I decided to use their design services, which turned out to be well worth the extra cost. I worked with their design team to turn my ideas into reality! Detailed instructions were provided on how to move my domain and update my website. I feel confident that my website is in good hands with help just an email away. My new website is looking great and I’m receiving more emails and phone calls! I am saving over $700 a year; making the switch with no downside that I can see. My experience with TherapyTribe has been excellent. I would highly recommend the whole team for creating and sustaining an awesome website! – Amanda Grace, MA, LPC, CACIII“…saving hundreds …couldn’t have been easier.”

I’m really glad I made the decision to switch to TherapyTribe’s website. I prefer the design and look of the new website, and it is more user friendly and pleasing to the eye. I find it easier to navigate to make my own changes/edits to the site as well. And the savings is the best part! I will be saving hundreds of dollars per year. It is very worth paying the yearly fee and the $99 for them to switch your site over from your former provider. TherapyTribe’s support staff was so helpful. I had someone working with me one-on-one to ask about all my preferences, and I got to review and request edits to the site before it went live. They walked me through the whole process and it couldn’t have been easier. I definitely recommend this to other psychologists and psychotherapists! – Amy Schullery, Psy.D.

Lola Gascon, LMHC - Psychotherapy“… phenomenal, money best spent!!!!!”

My designer has been extremely helpful and patient, somehow reading my mind in more occasions than one, when I had no idea how to make an idea clear in my head.

You guys have been phenomenal, money best spent!!!!! And my website looks professional and gorgeous! – Lola Gascon, LMHC“I am amazed by the amount of support and value…”

Working with TherapyTribe to create a website has been so easy!

I am amazed by the amount of support and value of their product for such a low cost. – Jim McKinley-Oakes, LCSW“…my website looks fantastic and very professional.”

I feel this is a fantastic service TherapyTribe is offering. I worked with one of their designers and she developed a website for me very easily. I didn’t have to email her a hundred times and my website looks fantastic and very professional. In the past I have created my own websites. This was a definitely a better option. Also the price is a bargain.

I would highly recommend that anyone wanting a website use this service. – Dr. Michael Rubino III“…a dynamic website… both functional & beautiful.”

I would like to thank the TherapyTribe Team for creating a dynamic website that is both functional and beautiful. My designer took my input and made a site that is reflective of my practice in a personalized way.

Oh, it was affordable, too. Thank you so much! – Dr. Kimberly Delaney, APRN, PsyD“I found the benefit… irresistible.”

I found the benefit of free website hosting and design irresistible. I was paying monthly at another well-known company. And, once the site was developed through them they pretty much forgot me. Not that they were not responsive and helpful when I called, but, they had little to offer me about ways to improve my footprint on the web. Having moved my site to TherapyTribe, they helped me improve the site, make it more readable and inviting, and eliminated boilerplate. I found the process of getting the site released and transferred a bit complicated, but, the directions I received from TherapyTribe got the job done. My communication with my designer was prompt and effective and her suggestions were great. – Mitchell Roth, LMHC“…without stress and great expense…”

My experience in creating a website, without stress and great expense, was TERRIFIC! Working together with my designer, who was both remarkably patient and responsive, made the process so different then my past experiences. I’m proud of the outcome.

Thank you TherapyTribe! – Lauree Berger Turman, LCSW


New Healing Journeys MFT“I’m so pleased with the results! “

I just wanted to say how impressed I was by the speed and efficiency with which my new website was accomplished using TherapyTribe. My designer was super easy to work with, and I think she did a great job with the design.

I’m so pleased with the results! – Madison Brightwell, LMFT, C.Ht., PsyD candidate


Trauma Counseling & Psychotherapy Associates“…above and beyond my expectations.”

My designer was just fantastic! She was creative, available, interested in really making the website look professional. I very much enjoyed her input and my experience working with her was above and beyond my expectations. – Vittoria Donato Grant, M.A., LPC, NCC“I am pleased and grateful!”

Thank you, TherapyTribe, and to my designer, especially, who patiently and attentively walked me through this process of designing my new website. I am pleased and grateful! – Cindy Nelson, Ph.D.“The cost modest… the final product exceptional.”

Working with the TherapyTribe team was an outstanding experience! My assigned web adviser, was knowledgeable and very responsive, providing me with great ideas and alternative ways of creating a branded web presence. Other team members pitched in to make sure I was up and running without lost time or dropped potential patients.

The cost of the service was very modest and the final product is exceptional. I highly recommend this team! – Dr. Leigh Anne Randa, Ph.D.“The skill level of design and creativity is amazing.”

My experience with the TherapyTribe team has been extraordinary. They have been responsive to my requests for help and guidance. The skill level of design and creativity is amazing. I’m extremely happy with my new Website and very grateful to the team.

I also sensed that there was a professional, but personal connection and that I was not just a client that helped a random sales person reach his or her quota. – Peggy Bolcoa, PhD, MFC“…a very current, attractive, user-friendly presentation!”

I am absolutely thrilled with the new look of my TherapyTribe Website! After seeing it today, three colleagues want to sign up with the same designer that helped me! My designer put her heart as well as her expertise as a designer and knowledge of therapy into re-doing my site. TherapyTribe is not only saving me significant money, it is giving my practice a very current, attractive, user-friendly presentation! In addition, my designer gave excellent suggestions regarding new copy to strengthen my existing explanation of services. She was also extremely helpful in walking me through the domain transition, and kindly patient with my time availability. I deeply appreciated her diligence as well as her encouragement and personal interest in my practice. – Carol Timmons, LMFT“…my new website which is the best I’ve ever had.”

I was torn on whether to leave my prior web hosting company. TherapyTribe made it very easy to make the switch. While others talk about the monthly saving (which is nice), I am much more impressed with the help I received in making my new website which is the best I’ve ever had. The suggestions were top notch and the site “came alive” from what I had initially chosen.

I’ve been encouraged to blog for years but with TherapyTribe’s help, I am now ready to. I’d strongly recommend TherapyTribe. – Barbara L. Edwards, MA

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