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Mrs Valerie Anne DavisCounselor/TherapistPhiladelphia, PA
Elizabeth M. WeinholdTherapistWake Forest, NC
James JonesTherapistEvansville, IN
M6G 3R4 Paula KleinClinical Social Work/TherapistToronto, ON
Holly BlueTherapistOlympia, WA

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    • Intensive Marital and Couples Retreat at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, December 5-7, 2014
    • Dr. D'Arienzo is hosting an intensive marital and couples retreat at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club on December 5, 2014 to December 7, 2014. The retreat is for couples dealing with relatinships crises as well as those seeking to enhance their...

    • Healing Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse: Men and Women
    • Over the years I have had many patients who knowingly or unknowingly come to my office with the issue of child sexual abuse. One out of every three women and one out of every six men have been abused as a child in our society. When someone...

    • Depression
    • Have you been crushed by depression? Have you been in and out of it all of your life? Or has there been some situation or event that has triggered the depression? In any of these cases you may not know what to do to get out of it and lead a normal,...

    • What to do when your spouse/partner won't come to counseling with you?
    • Are you someone who values your relationship and wants a loving and commited soul mate and partnership? You don't want to get divorced and start over or leave your partner, but no matter how many times you bring it up, your partner refuses to go to...

    • Kuwait Ethics: The Breech of Patient/Student Confidentiality as a Marketing Tool
    • The institutionalization of the application of business principles like cost benefit analysis to the practice of psychology, along with the deliberate suppression of internationally recognized standards governing the use of the 'psychologist' title...

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