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Kris HendersonTherapistGrandville, MI
Kirsten GoffenaCounselor/TherapistFort Collins, CO
Carol Ann RowlandTherapistMilton, ON
Dr. Linda LeiphartPsychologistTucson, AZ
Mr. Paul BainsTherapistSurrey, BC

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    • Kuwait Ethics: The Breech of Patient/Student Confidentiality as a Marketing Tool
    • The institutionalization of the application of business principles like cost benefit analysis to the practice of psychology, along with the deliberate suppression of internationally recognized standards governing the use of the 'psychologist' title...

    • Five Guidelines for Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life
    •      Many people struggle with finding meaning and purpose in life.  In the following ideas I offer five guidelines for a person struggling in this way. (1) Assess and then figure out what helps you want to live.  Questions...

    • When Bitterness Invades
    • No one wants to be bitter. It creeps up on us. Bitterness is unforgiveness on steroids. The more we hold onto past hurts the more we become tanked-up on our pain; robbing us of happiness. Bitterness happens when we hold on to the hurt in an attempt...

    • The 5 Most Common Anxiety Symptoms
    • Are you suffering from anxiety? The list of symptoms is so long and diverse, it almost seems that the answer is always, “Yes!” In fact, everyone suffers from anxiety on occasion – nerves when an important meeting is looming,...

    • 5 Tips For Parenting Adolescents: Part 5
    • By Matt W. Sandford, LMHC In part four of the series, we discussed ways to balance between short and long term goals in our parenting. In this last section we will examine the issue of our children’s development towards autonomy and ways we...

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