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At some point in our lives, we all feel overwhelmed and may need professional help to deal with our problems in life. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, more than 50 million Americans (even more internationally) need help dealing with problems that feel beyond their control -- problems with a marriage or family situation, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, social anxiety or fears, depression, stress, burnout, or even substance abuse.

The problems of daily living can at times feel significantly debilitating. And, sometimes we need outside help in order to work through these problems. Every day millions of Americans (of all ages), live healthier, more productive lives with the help of psychotherapy, or personal counseling techniques from a trained, licensed professional.

Psychotherapy Treatment

Psychotherapy, or personal counseling, can help you manage your problems by teaching you strategies and tools to deal with stress and unhealthy thoughts or behaviors. It can help you manage your symptoms better and function at your best in everyday life. Psychotherapy aims to increase your overall sense of well-being by employing a range of techniques involving relationship building, dialogue and communication training and key behavioral changes.

Psychotherapy can be performed by a variety of types of therapists including a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, clinical social worker, marriage and family therapist or counselor, mental health counselors, rehabilitation counselor, music or art therapist, psychiatric nurse, psychoanalyst and others.

Psychotherapy alone may be sufficient treatment for a person dealing with mental health issues. However, depending on the illness and its severity, psychotherapy may need to be combined with medication. A trained therapist will work with you or your family to devise an appropriate treatment plan.

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