Psychodynamic Therapy

Types of Therapy

What is Psychodynamic therapy?

Psychodynamic therapy is a form of depth psychology, and is one of three main types of therapy used to treat depression. Its focus is to help you gain greater self-awareness and understanding over your own actions. This approach relies heavily on the relationship between client and therapist with the goal of identifying and exploring how non-conscious emotions and motivations can influence behavior.

In psychodynamic therapy, the patient is encouraged to talk freely about what is on their mind. Therapist and client work together to identify patterns of behavior and feelings helping to bring awareness to how experiences and the unconscious mind are affecting his or her present life.

Depending on a clients particular needs, a psychodynamic therapists may use a more eclectic approach and interweave their psychodynamic focus with other types of therapy, like CBT or IPT, to treat various types of mental disorders. Both CBT and IPT are more structured time-limited, short-term therapies. The emphasis is on learning new patterns rather than analyzing why the dysfunctional patterns are there.

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