Interpersonal Therapy

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What is IPT? Interpersonal Therapy – Treatment

Interpersonal Therapy (IPT): Interpersonal therapy is a descendant of psychodynamic therapy, with its emphasis on the unconscious and childhood experiences. Interpersonal therapy is most commonly used on an individual basis to treat depression or dysthymia.

Interpersonal therapy focuses on a persons interpersonal relationships. The treatment approach is based on the premise that improving communication patterns and the way you relate to others will effectively treat your depression. Interpersonal therapy helps you to identify when a behavior is causing problems, and guide you to change it.

Influenced by psychodynamic psychotherapy, IPT similarly focus on emotions, interpersonal relationships as well as a strong therapist client relationship. However, IPT is unique in that has a more immediate time focus. IPT emphasizes a person’s current relationships rather than exploring the deep-seated sources of their symptoms.

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