Family Systems Therapy

Types of Therapy

What is Family Systems Therapy?

Family Systems Therapy is often called family therapy, couples therapy, or relationship counseling. It’s focus is to work with families and couples in intimate relationships to nurture change and development. This school of therapy views the couple or family as a single system, and treatment is accomplished by direct participation of all members in the therapy sessions.Families and couples that seek counseling to improve a troubled relationship may be dealing with issues such as: communication problems, financial problems, sexual difficulties, parenting challenges, substance abuse, anger management, infidelity and divorce.

Because the family is such an important part of a person’s social support network, family therapy can be crucial for families in which there is illness or other similar problems. In general, the better a family functions, the lower the stress level for the person with health problems. Adults who grew up in poorly functioning families as children may benefit from individual therapy that uses family therapy concepts, especially as they begin to form their own nuclear families.

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