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Amy L Dvorkin, MA NCC LPCC, Therapist

Be empowered to become the best you can be! Find wholeness and healing. Discover peace in your life and relationships. I provide state of the art individual, couples, and family therapy. An ecclectic style allows me to tailor my services to meet your specific needs. Free consultations. Call today!

1301 S. 8th St. Suite 102 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

t: 719.649.3377

f: 719.434.1169


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Lisa Johnson, M.A, NCC, Therapist

There are times in our lives that unexpected events happen. Some more traumatic than others. At Inner Hope Therapy, together we can find your inner peace and find the skills that work for you to improve your well being.

2790 N. Academy Blvd. Suite 206 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80917

t: 719-440-8361

f: 719-559-1130

w: www.innerhopetherapy

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Mr. Earl H. Friesen, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage and Family Therapist

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 35 years of experience. I work with individuals, marriages, and families, helping them to get unstuck by the challenges of life. I am a Christian Therapist, but also respect and work with people who are not of the Christian faith.

10 Boulder Crescent, Suite 102F Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

t: 719 471-1225

f: 719 471-8300

w: Earl Friesen

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J. Blair Cano, PsyD, Psychologist

I take a holistic approach to mental health care, and understand that life and individuals are complex. The relationship between therapist and client is the driving force for change; therefore my number one goal is to build a strong and supportive alliance.

2906 Beacon St. Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907

t: 719.964.8953

f: 719.473.5798

w: J. Blair Cano PsyD

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Art of Redirection Counseling

Professional counselors that are real people, passionate about life & helping others. We don't look down our noses or think people aren't good enough. We have been there & come along side helping you talk about the hard stuff like sex, intimacy, divorce, pornography addiction & blended family issues

5180 N. Union Blvd. Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918

t: 719-593-9228

f: 719-598-1705


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Jeri Sutton-Shores, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor

Because my life's experiences have caused me to be intimately acquainted with trauma, it is now my specialty in my counseling practice. I work with all types of trauma: PTSD, domestic violence, unfortunate childhoods, depression, anxiety, and chronic unhappiness.

635 Southpointe Court, Suite 205 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

t: 719-475-1434

f: 719-576-0086

w: Jeri Sutton-Shores

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Rebecca Brennan, MA, Therapist

Do you have a troubled teen? Live with someone who has a drug or alcohol problem and now it is effecting your life? Do you have depression? Kids being bullied at school? Marriage barely hanging on? There is help and it is just a phone call away. I do free phone consultations, so give me a call!

1257 Lake Plaza Dr. Suite 230 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

t: 719-510-0624

f: 719-487-9074


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Christine Chavez, PsyD, LPC, Counselor/Therapist

While I am a former university professor, I have been told that I am down-to-earth and easy to talk to. I strive to provide a comfortable and trusting environment. Together we will further develop your coping skills and work through past experiences that are affecting you today.

1767 S 8th Street Suite 100 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80905

t: 719-433-7595

f: 719-471-0808


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Brenda Diller, MHR, CHT, HTP

Are you looking for a safe place to get to the heart of your pain and suffering & find the solutions you need to implement to heal? Please give me a call at 970-422-6102 for a Complimentary 15 Minute Phone Consultation. Please see my Client Testimonials at Create hope to heal.

407 S. Tejon Street, Suite A Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

w: Brenda Diller, MHR, CHT, HTP Holistic Christian Counseling, Coaching & Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Kelly Gillespie, Counselor, Registered Psychotherapist, Counselor/Therapist

Overwhelmed? Hopeless? Tired of feeling sadness, anger, worry, the out of control feeling or feeling misunderstood all together? I work with women, teens and children who struggle with depression, self-esteem issues, anxiety, eating disorders and divorce recovery.

119 N. Wahsatch Dr #204 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

t: 719-695-0131

w: Step Forward Counseling Services

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Found 12 records:  Showing page 1 of 2 pages
Colorado Springs
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