Eddie Reece

Licensed Professional Counselor, MS, LPC, BC-TMH Psychotherapist, Business Consultant, Educator
 therapist: Eddie Reece,
In-Person in Alpharetta, GA
Online in Georgia
Not getting along? I can help. Many of the problems you face involve relationships. Improving relationships is what I do. Call now to improve the relationships in your life! I can also help with anxiety, stress and many other everyday problems.

Client Focus

Session Format: Couple, Family, Individual sessions.
Age Specialty: Adolescent, Adult, Elder
Demographic Expertise: Black / African American, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Hispanic / Latino, Jewish, LDS/Mormon, LGBTQ+, Middle Eastern, Military / Veterans, Muslim, Native American, Pacific Islander, Persons with Disabilities, Women clients.

Treatment Approach

  • Integrative
Approach Description: Psychotherapy teaches truly effective ways to deal with common, everyday irritations as well as more entrenched patterns of living. It's for everyday people with everyday problems. My approach is tailored to your specific needs.

Education & Credentials

Eddie Reece MS, LPC, BC-TMH Psychotherapist, Business Consultant, Educator
  • Male
  • License # 002650
  • Licensed in GA
  • Practicing Since 1983
Education: Master of Science Degree from Georgia State University.


  • Average Session Fee $250
  • Out of Network
  • I can give you the paperwork to file for out of network benefits

Eddie Reece Practice Details

Therapy Sessions
  • Available In-Person in Alpharetta, GA
  • Available Online for residents of Georgia
  • Online Therapy Details: I'm a board certified telementalhealth therapist.
Eddie Reece Practice Description
As one of Atlanta's top-rated therapists, I use my30 plus years of experience to help you improve relationships, overcome anxiety, reduce stress and end depression. Could your life use a tune-up? My no-nonsense, down to earth approach to everyday issues will gently guide you through your challenges on the way to the life you know is possible. You don't have to struggle any longer. Give me a call today. Benefits of Psychotherapy: Improve the quality of your life. Create satisfying relationships, freedom from a hurried lifestyle and more joy in everyday living. If you're like most people, you strive to enhance your life. If you spend time and money on yourself physically with exercise and medical care, mentally by education, then why not improve emotionally too? I believe the quality of your life is measured by the quality of your relationships. The quality of your relationships depends on the quality of your relationship skills. Psychotherapy, or counseling, improves your relationship skills, improving your relationships and the quality of your life. Maybe you've heard of psychotherapy and believed it was for people with "real problems." Psychotherapy is also effective with common, everyday situations. If you'd like to live a more peaceful, less hurried life, psychotherapy can help. If you want to communicate more effectively with loved ones and ones not so loved, psychotherapy can help. If you want to achieve more intimacy in your loving relationships...you guessed it. Psychotherapy can help!! More Benefits of Psychotherapy A more relaxed lifestyle Gain personal power Experience more love in your relationships Better self understanding Establish a healthy balance among life's responsibilities Freedom from addictions Improved family relationships Effective problem solving skills An improved financial life Improve athletic ability Enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual areas of your life I also provide worklife consulting. I can improve your business culture with a wide variety of services including communication enhancement, stress reduction and team building.

Practice Overview

Available both in-person and online
41 Years Experience
Couple, Family, Individual

Driving Directions

Sent upon request. My office is in downtown Alpharetta, GA. The map on this page is incorrect. :) I can also see you on line.

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