Hypnotherapist, Ph.D., ACHt.
 therapist: HUGH R STEWART III,
In-Person in Abington, PA 19001
Online in Pennsylvania
I primarily help 30-65yos in the sex positive and alternative lifestyle communities who are open minded, eager for change, personal growth, and are willing & empowered to take different action in their lives. They may feel or experience being stuck, sexless, depressed, anxious, guilt, shame, scared, unwanted, invisible, misunderstood, and/or confused. Their challenge is to let go of, surrender, and transform their self sabotaging patterns and behaviors that are negatively impacting their relationships, self esteem, and happiness in their lives. In order transform one’s experience it is crucial to learn healthy responsible communication skills, taking risk, emotional release work, letting go of expectations and beliefs that no longer serve you, and being present and mindful. As a result of me being a trusted compassionate yet assertive psychotherapist/coach, I will help guide them around the obstacles on their paths to the life and self they so desire and yearn for! They will learn the delicate balance between creating their goals and action plan & then letting go of being attached to the outcome while trusting their higher power to send them this or something better!

Client Focus

Session Format: Couple, Individual sessions.
Age Specialty: Adult, Young Adult
Demographic Expertise: LGBTQ+, Men, Women clients.
Languages: English

Treatment Approach

  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
  • Eclectic
  • Emotionally Focused (EFT)
  • Existential/Humanistic
  • Experiential
  • Family Systems
  • Hakomi Method
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Imago Relationship Therapy
  • Integrative
  • Interpersonal
  • Psychoanalytic
  • Social Constructionist
  • Somatic
  • Transpersonal
Approach Description: I offer an Integrative/eclectic approach to personal growth, psychotherapy, coaching, and sacred sex education/therapy. It's basically a model I created to be able to offer more for my clients where certain modalities or techniques work better for them than others. I use Cognitive Behavioral when processing thoughts and events. When appropriate I will switch over to more Emotionally Focused Techniques. Other clients need more of a client centered or humanistic approach. Blind spots in ones psyche respond best to experiential exercises that uncover hidden issues. Family Systems comes into play with inner child work, couples/partner(s) work, and many times with child rearing. Body Centered Psychotherapy (Hakomi Somatic Method) is very useful with people that are grounded in their bodies. The body always knows whats best for us where as the ego does not so much. Triggers and issues can be identified through hypnotherapy and heart centered breathwork as we get to the original root cause events from our past and release the emotions associated with them. Imago Relationship Therapy is the best method I know of to teach healthy Interpersonal communication and listening skills to get into another persons world. Psychoanalytic methods help with understanding our how our foundation and roots were created in childhood and how to transcend them. And Social Constructionist Theory shows how we create new realities for ourselves in society and with society. All of these approaches have their place in therapy and coaching depending on what and where the work is for healing and moving forward with success and confidence.

Education & Credentials

  • Male
  • Practicing Since 2000
Education: PhD Psychoeducational Processes, Temple University, 2000 Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist Certified Breathwork Release Therapist Certified Holistic Integrative Breathing Facilitator The Hakomi Method: A Professional Training in Mindfulness Body Centered Psychotherapy


  • Average Session Fee $200
  • Out of Network
  • None

HUGH R STEWART III Practice Details

Therapy Sessions
  • Available In-Person in Abington, PA 19001
  • Available Online for residents of Pennsylvania
  • Online Therapy Details: Zoom
HUGH R STEWART III Practice Description
I offer an integrated approach to psychotherapy, coaching, personal growth, and sacred sex education/coaching. We co-create a plan together based upon your triggers, issues, desires, communication style, personal growth experience, and history. This is a flexible plan based on how you respond to different emotional release and practice techniques between sessions. We will regularly review the direction of your therapy journey and make adjustments when necessary. You have all the answers inside of yourself, I am a trusted guide that helps you navigate the road to healing and wellness through riding the learning curve to sovereignty, happiness, joy, integrity, letting go, surrendering, and taking different action by following your intuition and higher self. I coach when a client needs to be held accountable for actions they have committed to take. I teach emotional release techniques to flush out stagnant emotions from past events, especially early in life. I employ a psychoeducational approach combining educational elements for explanation along with processing thoughts and releasing of emotions that have kept one stuck. I teach people how to create their own support network so their not solely reliant on me. I also implore clients getting into a community of like minded people that are into personal growth and supporting and holding one another accountable for what they say they're going to do! The idea is to give you the tools, teach you how to use them, and eventually maintain a healthy sense of yourself through the community you have grown with.

Practice Overview

2411 Patane Avenue
Available both in-person and online
24 Years Experience
Couple, Individual

Office Hours

10:00 am - 7:00 pm
10:00 am - 7:00 pm
2:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Driving Directions

When you arrive, please park in the driveway and walk straight up to Unit C at the double storm doors and the Coexist sign outside the building.

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