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Port Charlotte, Scotland  therapist: Dr. Birte Nachtwey, registered psychotherapist
Emotional Abuse Therapy

Dr. Birte Nachtwey

Registered Psychotherapist, MD, CORST
Emotional abuse is common and often not named as such. If you are experiencing cruel behavior and verbal or even physical abuse do not hesitate to get help. You may think that you have to take it because you are in love and find many reasons why the other person is not as bad as they act or you may feel you don’t deserve better. You may even think that there is no way out. Please stop, rethink and let’s talk. If you are abusing another person and repeatedly inflict pain , there may be part of you knowing that this is not smart to continue on like this for yourself and everybody involved. You can make a difference and achieve a different life. Let’s talk and face up to it.  
17 Years Experience
In-Person in Port Charlotte, SCT
In-Person in Hamburg, Germany
Online in Germany, United Kingdom

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