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Johannesburg, Gauteng therapist: Rephael Perkel - Lifestream Coaching, therapist
Chronic Pain or Illness

Rephael Perkel - Lifestream Coaching

Therapist, BA Hons, EFT ADV
“I was suffering with back-pain – robbing me of sleep and sapping my energy... Ray’s powerful techniques supported me to access and release unconscious fears and emotional blocks which were manifesting as physical stress-responses in my body. After just a single... session with Ray there was an immediate and lasting effect – the pain simply disappeared. Permanently. I am hugely grateful to Ray."  
17 Years Experience
Online in South Africa
 therapist: Mrs Dina Chamberlain, counselor/therapist
Chronic Pain or Illness

Mrs Dina Chamberlain

Living with chronic pain and illness might be challenging, but with someone to share the journey with you, it may become more bearable.  
31 Years Experience

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