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Greenwich, Connecticut therapist: Greta Cowles Consulting, life coach
Loss or Grief

Greta Cowles Consulting

Life Coach, LMFT, SEP, PIT, Trauma Stress Studies
Addressing in a structured way the cause and root of the grief, processing the complex layers involved in grieving and facing a loss, and allowing for acceptance and finding serenity.  
11 Years Experience
King City, Ontario therapist: Jihan Girgis, registered psychotherapist
Loss or Grief

Jihan Girgis

Registered Psychotherapist, MDiv, RP (Q)
Loss results in grief. Loss is not limited to death of a close person, but it could also include loss of a relationship, employment, social status ... etc. We are always told to move on as we cannot change it. The reality however is that we need to process our emotions of grief and deal with the loss in order to be able to move forward in a healthy way. Otherwise, the loss and grief that we have not dealt with remain hidden and will come up at unexpected moments in different forms such as depression and anxiety.  
3 Years Experience

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