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Los Angeles, California therapist: Private Virtual Sessions with Tommy are Easy, Convenient & Effective * both Phone & Online Sessions available * 10am to 10pm / Mon-Sun, counselor/therapist

Private Virtual Sessions with Tommy are Easy, Convenient & Effective * both Phone & Online Sessions available * 10am to 10pm / Mon-Sun

Forgiveness Therapy / Counseling / Spiritual Help & Guidance - In just 1, 2 or 3 Private Sessions with Tommy, He will help guide you through the process of Forgiving Others who have wronged or hurt you &, in many cases, effectively help you Forgiving Yourself for the wrongs you have committed to Self & Others.  
12 Years Experience
Online in Ocklawaha, Florida
Durham, Connecticut therapist: Debra Nelson, psychologist

Debra Nelson

Psychologist, Psy.D.
Forgiveness is not a destination, but a place to visit and spend time. When people are betrayed either by a friend, family member, romantic partner, or co-worker, the hurt is profound. Sometimes, as with someone who has passed, there is no opportunity to gain closure. Forgiveness work is about exploring your feelings, but also learning skills you can use to work through the pain and get to a place of acceptance.  
21 Years Experience
Online in Ocklawaha, Florida
Panama City Beach, Florida therapist: Mayme Siders, licensed clinical social worker

Mayme Siders

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW
While we think of forgiveness as being about something we do for others, my experience is that it is something we most often need to do for ourselves. However, I do not think it a requirement in the process of personal growth. I would never tell someone that they should or shouldn't forgive anyone. Rather, I would work to help them to look more deeply at how they feel about the situation, help them to decide how they want to proceed, and then support them in that choice.  
9 Years Experience
Online in Ocklawaha, Florida
Chicago, Illinois therapist: Bill Hoekstra, psychologist

Bill Hoekstra

Psychologist, Psy.D., LP DBSM
Feeling weighed down by emotional burdens or struggling to move forward after harmful events? I have 24+ years of experience helping individuals overcome a wide range of challenges that impact their well-being. I specialize in supporting individuals who are facing emotional difficulties related to past experiences; dealing with the ongoing effects of painful events; and struggling with feelings like sadness, anger, or frustration. I utilize various evidence-based treatments, tailored to your specific needs, to help you empower yourself to manage your emotions and cope with challenges, navigate the healing process healthily and constructively, and gain a sense of control and peace of mind. If you're ready to take steps towards feeling better and living a more fulfilling life, contact me today for a free consultation.  
26 Years Experience
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Los Angeles, California therapist: Crystal Taylor - Soulful Hearts In Nature, life coach

Crystal Taylor - Soulful Hearts In Nature

Life Coach, RSMT
All the major spiritual traditions as well as scientific studies site forgiveness as a main key to a happy and fulfilling life. Holding onto grudges, anger, guilt, shame, etc towards others but also towards ourselves can be like dragging around a heavy anchor that constantly weighs us down and keeps us from having a more open loving heart and enjoying life. For highly sensitive people, this lack of forgiveness can often have an even more dramatic effect and in some cases can even lead to health issues as well. Together we will work through a process of forgiveness that will bring you much more freedom using a unique multi-modal approach.  
15 Years Experience
Online in Ocklawaha, Florida