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St. Petersburg, Florida therapist: Barbara Magnusson Coffee, licensed professional counselor
Sexual Abuse

Barbara Magnusson Coffee

Licensed Professional Counselor, Ph.D., LMFT
Sadly, statistics show 1/4 girls were sexually abused and 1/5 boys. It is likely under-reported since victims often feel shame and responsibiity which is not theirs to carry.  
30 Years Experience
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Tampa, Florida therapist: Dr. Le’ Isaac Gardner Msc.D. CTHT ORDM, hypnotherapist
Sexual Abuse

Dr. Le’ Isaac Gardner Msc.D. CTHT ORDM

Hypnotherapist, Doctorate in Metaphysical Science, MSc.D. Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist CTHT
Sexual trauma can impact our lives and hurt us and the people around us in hard to recognize ways. Let me help you , not to forget, but to heal so that it will never effect you the same way again.  
11 Years Experience
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Clearwater, Florida therapist: Molly Terry, licensed professional counselor
Sexual Abuse

Molly Terry

Licensed Professional Counselor, MS, LMHC
I have several years of experience with trauma and assaults, PTSD. I am able to assist in the process, to create a safe place and teach relaxation techniques and move to a place of being a survivor.  
23 Years Experience
In-Person Near St. Petersburg, FL
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Melbourne, Florida therapist: Jessica Delgatto, licensed mental health counselor
Sexual Abuse

Jessica Delgatto

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, LMHC, LPC, CCTPII
Spending the last 15 years working in different areas of child welfare systems I have had training and education working in all areas of survivors of abuse. Sexual abuse impacts the survivors in every aspect of their life. Being experienced in working with survivors of many different areas of sexual abuse I provide a safe environment to approach treatment when the individual is ready on their time.  
2 Years Experience
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Washington, Washington, D.C. therapist: Lauren Rothstein, psychologist
Sexual Abuse

Lauren Rothstein

Psychologist, Ph.D.
In supporting survivors of sexual abuse, my approach emphasizes a compassionate and trauma-informed perspective. I aim to provide a safe space for individuals to process their experiences, offering validated recovery strategies and empowerment. Through personalized therapy, the goal is to help survivors regain control, rebuild trust, and work towards reclaiming a sense of safety and wellbeing.  
9 Years Experience
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