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Amagansett, New York therapist: Michael Z. Jody, therapist
Loss or Grief

Michael Z. Jody

Therapist, L.P., M.A., M.A.
I am psychoanalyst who specializes in both individual therapy and couple/marital counseling, using a great deal of humor and compassion. I work both cognitively, (looking at present issues and challenges), and psychoanalytically (seeking to understand unconscious thoughts and motivations.  
26 Years Experience
In-Person in Amagansett, NY 11930
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Queens, New York therapist: MICHELLE SILVER LINING MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELING, licensed professional counselor
Loss or Grief


Licensed Professional Counselor, LMHC
Losing a loved one is very difficult. Everyone goes through loss or grief at one point of life. We are here to remind individual's that they are not alone in this.  
4 Years Experience
Online in New York
Manhattan, New York therapist: Elissaveta Iordanova, therapist
Loss or Grief

Elissaveta Iordanova

Therapist, LCAT, BC-DMT, M.S., MFA, MA
Loss and grief are not only connected with loosing a loved one, but losing any status quo in life. Dealing with loss and grief requires self-love, empathy and compassion, forgiveness and hope, all of which resides in us and waits to be rediscovered and activated.  
8 Years Experience
Online in New York
Manhattan, New York therapist: Elena Katrantzos, licensed mental health counselor
Loss or Grief

Elena Katrantzos

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, LMHC
The loss of a loved one is one of the most painful experiences of the human experience. We treat our clients with compassion and patience through this difficult time of grief. EK Mental Health Counseling offers grief counseling services to help you cope and process loss.  
11 Years Experience
Online in New York
Manhattan, New York therapist: MERLYN HURD PHD QEEG D, psychologist
Loss or Grief


Psychologist, PHD; QEEG D BCB, BCN
Using the Neurofield software and hardware along with talk therapy we have had enormous success in treating loss and grief. Recently we have had many clients who lost a loved one during the pandemic, as well as elderly clients who are coping with the loss of a spouse.  
37 Years Experience
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