Dr. Abrielle Conway, Rooted in Grace Psychological Services

Psychologist, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist
Hi, I'm a licensed psychologist who is passionate about improving women's mental health, addressing sources of anxiety/stress, perfectionism, grief/loss, and trauma. I'm sensitive to the unique challenges women face, particularly related to societal expectations of wives/ mothers, women in the workforce, and other social organizations (like church). Women often come to me when they have exhausted all of their resources and are at the end of the rope in managing their anxiety and stress. I often hear that despite a strong desire to break through their circumstances, they often feel overwhelmed and stuck. They share that they need practical, hands-on strategies to help them overcome their problems. I take a highly collaborative approach in our work, meaning that while I give clients necessary information to make an educated decision, clients are in control of their treatment throughout the entire process. To get a feel for my style, I've included several pieces of feedback I've heard from clients who have enjoyed working with me: 1. "You see me and you hear me. I'm not alone anymore. This is the first time I've felt so understood." 2. "You are a safe place to just be myself with all my imperfections. I don't have to worry about putting on a mask." 3. "You give me practical tools to help me deal with my problems. I've made so much more progress in working with you over the past month than I did with my last therapist in years." If it sounds like we could work well together, feel free to call the office or request a consultation:  
10 Years Experience
Online in Enid, Oklahoma

Fatma Aydin, PhD

Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Psychologist
It is often difficult to ask for support in the face of life’s challenges, and I appreciate you taking this step! I work with young adults and adults experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, life transitions, and identity and self-esteem concerns, among others. My goal is to create a comfortable and safe space where we work collaboratively to help you face those challenges and make the changes you desire to live a more fulfilling life. We all have vulnerabilities, and strengths we often don’t realize. I therefore work with my clients to build on their strengths and resilience, and develop self-compassion. I recognize the impact of culture on our identities and experiences and I have enjoyed working with clients from diverse backgrounds at outpatient, community mental health, and university counseling settings. These included the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Northwestern University, DePaul University and University of Illinois at Chicago. I welcome clients from all walks of life and feel humbled by their willingness to invite me to be a part of their journey.  
17 Years Experience
Online in Enid, Oklahoma

Dr. Christopher Lowery, DHSc, CLCP

Counselor/Therapist, Board-Certified Life Care Planner
Healthways Services is a small national telehealth clinical practice that specializes in medical life care planning, counseling, assessments and evaluations, employment/career issues, pre-surgical consultation, biopsychosocial health promotion and prevention through the use of holistic evidence-based approaches from a Biopsychosocial Health Consultation Model and skilled in the use of targeted plans, assessments and treatments for behavioral health disorders (e.g., anxiety, depression, substance use, disparities, etc.), medical conditions (e.g., chronic pain, burns, high blood pressure and diabetes management, etc.) and health behavior changes (e.g., weight management, tobacco cessation, exercise, etc.). Other services also provided are catastrophic and disability case management, and expert witness testimony/litigation support to individuals that suffer from associated disabilities and/or health impairments.  
22 Years Experience
Online in Enid, Oklahoma

Jill Morris

Psychologist, PhD, LP
I'm an action oriented Clinical Psychologist who specializes in anxiety, stress, and trauma. I help people identify beliefs and behaviors that are interfering in their live and help them move towards their goals.  
10 Years Experience
Online in Enid, Oklahoma

Bold Expressions Therapy

Psychologist, Psy.D.
As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, a trauma survivor, and someone with a chronic pain disorder; I approach the work that I do from a place of empathy and personal understanding. I have an intense passion for understanding personal identity and the way race, culture, class, and sexuality come together to form what we believe about ourselves and what we feel we can accomplish in our lives. Anxiety and trauma can live in our bodies - together we will create a relationship that fosters dynamic and lasting growth, tapping into undiscovered reserves of resiliency that will help navigate the past and prepare for a more hopeful future.  
4 Years Experience
Online in Enid, Oklahoma