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Greenwood Village, Colorado therapist: Chanida Lee, psychiatrist
Medication Management Therapy

Chanida Lee

Psychiatrist, DR.0066517
Medication management ensures safe, effective use of prescribed drugs by overseeing their administration, educating patients, and monitoring for potential issues, aiming for optimal treatment outcomes and patient well-being.  
5 Years Experience
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Online in Portland, Oregon
Kissimmee, Florida therapist: Dorrett Lovell, psychiatric nurse/therapist
Medication Management Therapy

Dorrett Lovell

Psychiatric Nurse/Therapist, PMHNP-BC
I offer comprehensive assessment, monitoring, education, and interventions to optimize medication therapy outcomes, minimize risks, and improve patient adherence and quality of life.  
30 Years Experience
Online in Portland, Oregon
Houston, Texas therapist: Dr. Christopher Lowery, DHSc, CLCP, counselor/therapist
Medication Management Therapy

Dr. Christopher Lowery, DHSc, CLCP

Counselor/Therapist, Board-Certified Life Care Planner
This component will assist and develop a plan informing individuals about their health conditions and the nature of medications that was provided by their treating physician to improve their quality of life or conditions. The provider objective will be to conduct assessments about the prescriptions to be taken and their side affects; designing both short-term and long term medication plan; ensuring compliance with the directions indicated by their physician; and monitoring the effectiveness and efficiency of the plan. The goal is to ensure that the medication process is seamless.  
22 Years Experience
Online in Portland, Oregon
Jacksonville, Florida therapist: Joshua Werblin, psychiatrist
Medication Management Therapy

Joshua Werblin

Psychiatrist, MD
Offering personalized medication management plans, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes and minimal side effects.  
20 Years Experience
Online in Portland, Oregon