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Psychologist, Dual Degree: Psychology:Bachelor of Social Work: Bachelor of Social Sciences UQ/Qut
With twenty-six years experience as a psychotherapist and counsellor, I offer a broad range of psychotherapeutic counselling strategies and skills sets for my clients needs. I have over the years provided successful outcomes for my clients. I have a non-judgemental approach towards my clients presenting situations, and I am an empathetic and patient with my client's intervention. I have worked successfully establishing a credible reputation as a psychotherapist and counsellor at all levels of psychotherapeutic counselling. This I have achieved Nationally; including leading Australian hospitals, also at rural country district Hospitals, and, also at the higher end suburbs of Sydney, NSW. This I have achieved at both governmental and non governmental fields of practice. I now have opened my private practice at 'home' where I grew up, in the much loved Gold Coast areas. My practice is located in Bundall. I bring my extensive knowledge and skills for the benefit of, accurately identify your counselling interventions for the best outcomes for you, or your partner, or, for your family. I feel that it is quint essential to provide you with the respect and patience for your situation. I think is is also essential to be empathetic and compassion for your situation. My office hours are widely flexible for your busy schedules, and I am open weekends, and evenings. I also have the essential accreditation and registration for both Medicare and Private Health Funds. I personally process your claims the same day as your counselling appointment with me. I do hope I can meet with you soon to discuss your counselling matters further. Kindest regards, You can book an appointment online at and click book now button. This will take you to my bookings page. Susan.  
27 Years Experience
In-Person Near Reedy Creek, QLD
Online in Reedy Creek, Queensland

Bindi Cilento- Psychologist

Psychologist, APS, AHPRA & Aon registered
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37 Years Experience
In-Person Near Reedy Creek, QLD
Online in Reedy Creek, Queensland

Kristen Bayliss

Psychologist, Registered Psychologist, BSc, MA
Kristen is a registered psychologist with 20 years clinical experience working with people experiencing a range of issues including depression, anxiety, chronic pain and illness, carer issues and trauma (recent & long term/childhood), grief, post-natal depression, parenting issues & self-esteem  
26 Years Experience
Online in Reedy Creek, Queensland

Relationship Mentor and Coach

Licensed Professional Counsellor, MNZAC
Are you trapped in an unhappy marriage, tiptoeing around each other with a constant knot in your stomach, desperately yearning for the trust, intimacy, and connection you once cherished? Do you long to rekindle the flames of passion and rediscover the bond of best friends and lovers you once shared? If this resonates with you, let me introduce myself. I'm Grant, and I specialize in coaching married couples who find themselves navigating the treacherous waters of troubled marriages. I understand the turmoil and frustration that comes with feeling like your relationship is falling apart. Are you eager to work on your marriage, but your partner seems emotionally distant, leaving you unsure of where to even begin? Perhaps you've heard those heart-wrenching words from your partner: "I'm not in love with you anymore," leaving you with a sense of hopelessness. The thought of divorce may haunt your thoughts, weighed down by the emotional toll it would take, the financial costs, and the impact it would have on your children. Sleepless nights may be your constant companion, as anger, anxiety, fear, and feelings of betrayal consume your thoughts, leaving you wondering if there's a glimmer of hope for revitalizing your marriage. Instead of the closeness and intimacy you once enjoyed, you might feel like mere roommates, sharing a bed but worlds apart. Intimacy and passion may have become distant memories, leaving you yearning for the connection you once had. You've likely sought advice from well-meaning friends, scoured blogs, and even attempted couples therapy, but nothing seems to mend the rift in your relationship. Allow me to share my story. With over 40 years of experience and training as a professional licensed counsellor and in various couples therapy modalities, I have helped thousands of individuals and couples navigate the complexities of troubled relationships. I am the founder of the Million Dollar Marriage Program and The Marriage Whisperer, a 7-day intensive couples program designed to reignite the spark in your marriage. I firmly believe that healing relationships can have a ripple effect, not only on couples but also on their children and entire families, ultimately making the world a better place. My own journey towards happiness and fulfillment wasn't always smooth, but today, I cherish a wonderful life filled with loving children and grandchildren. Now, my mission is to extend a helping hand to other families and marriages in need of transformation. Together with my partner, Christine, I am committed to being the best husband, father, grandfather, therapist, and coach I can be. Our shared passion is to contribute to the betterment of relationships worldwide. From the depths of my heart, I want to emphasize that it's never too late to have an amazing relationship. If your marriage is struggling, and you're grappling with unhappiness, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm here to guide you on the path to healing and rediscovering the love and connection you deserve. For my free training: The 5 Step Gameplan From Lonely To Love: Visit  
18 Years Experience
Online in Reedy Creek, Queensland

Dr Julian Thompson

Psychologist, BSci (Hons), GradDPsych, PGradDPsych, DPsych (Clinical), MAPS
My focus is on creating a comfortable space for my clients, so we can work together and clearly understand the client's issues and needs. I really want meaningful change for my clients, and every person's experience is unique and important. My goal is for clients to feel respected and heard, and to feel that they are getting what they need out of therapy. I offer in-person and online therapy sessions.  
10 Years Experience
Online in Reedy Creek, Queensland