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Vienna, Virginia therapist: Across Counseling llc, counselor/therapist
Eating Disorders

Across Counseling llc

Counselor/Therapist, MSW, LCSW, CSAC, LPC
Disordered eating and body image. You can see more about all of the different things that can be a part of disordered eating or signal body image problems on our website.  
23 Years Experience
In-Person Near Ashburn, VA
Online in Ashburn, Virginia
Alexandria, Virginia therapist: Robyn Brickel, therapist
Eating Disorders

Robyn Brickel

Therapist, M.A., LMFT
Please read more about our treatment of eating disorders with compassion:  
26 Years Experience
In-Person Near Ashburn, VA
Nashville, Tennessee therapist: PSYCHe, PLLC, psychologist
Eating Disorders


Psychologist, PhD, DBT-LBC™, LPC, PsyD, MSW, Marriage and Family Counselor, LCSW
Our therapists are intensively trained in a highly sought after treatment, Radically-Open DBT (RO-DBT), a specialized treatment for Chronic Depression, Anorexia-Nervosa, and disorders of Over-Control (OC). Radically-Open DBT promotes openness, flexibility, and direct communication.  
10 Years Experience
Online in Ashburn, Virginia
Manhattan, New York therapist: Dr. Walter J. Matweychuk, psychologist
Eating Disorders

Dr. Walter J. Matweychuk

Psychologist, Ph.D.
Perfectionism and a lack of self-acceptance lie at the core of many eating disorders. I teach people how to unconditionally accept themselves instead of trying to obtain the perfect body. I also teach people how to alleviate stress and emotional problems which may very well give rise to eating problems and disorders.  
34 Years Experience
Online in Ashburn, Virginia
Richmond, Virginia therapist: Bethany Anderson, counselor/therapist
Eating Disorders

Bethany Anderson

Counselor/Therapist, LPC
I work with clients navigating life before, after and during treatment for eating disorders. This can include reframing and challenging harmful beliefs on eating/exercise,navigating hard conversations with family and friends, exploring the emotions behind the disordered eating behaviors, and so much more.  
4 Years Experience
Online in Ashburn, Virginia