Ardross Psychology Practice

Psychologist, Registered Clinical Psychologists - Dr Peter Gibbons and Adri Hunt
We focus on the development of a healthy integrated sense of self and effective personality functioning. The aims is to rebuild attachment relationships and reinvest in life after trauma, abuse, violence, loss, and significant life changes.  
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Cathy Kunzel

Counsellor/Therapist, Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy
I have been in private practice as a psychotherapist since 2016. It took me a while to find where I fit in the world and develop who I am before I found counselling. My tagline "Not all wounds are visible" speaks directly to who I am as a therapist as I have also been through depression and anxiety. I have lived experience with different forms of mental illness and I am trained in suicide intervention and postvention. If life is pulling you down, your marriage or relationship is not going the way you dreamed, anxiety, depression, grief or mental illness is too much for you, call me, I had to learn to trust and I am confident that I walk alongside you to guide and support as you navigate sometimes overwhelming situations, thoughts and feelings,  
7 Years Experience
In-Person Near Como, WA
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Amna Pervaiz

Registered Psychotherapist, Bachelors in Applied Psychology, Advanced Clinical Training in Contemporary Gestalt therapy.
My name is Amna, I am originally from Pakistan. Being an extrovert, I get energy from having meaningful conversations. That is one of the reasons my work is my passion. I have been practicing counselling for 7 years with my training in Gestalt therapy. I work with people, offer support to explore life and help create safe space to explore their options to bring a positive change. My experience includes working with people with anxieties, stress, depression, relationships issues, post-partum depression and grief. My professional training, and my own personal journey of therapy, have played a pivotal role for me to heal from my past traumas and helped me pave the path for the life I want to live. Through this process, I have understood the power of transformation that can occur within therapeutic relationships, and how it can support to build a new relationship with our own selves. I am excited to work with you, to support you through your life journey. I can offer therapy in English, Urdu and Punjabi.  
9 Years Experience
Online in Australia

Ari Goldberger

Psychologist, Bachelor Of Science (Psychology), Post Graduate Diploma of Psychology, Masters of Psychology (Counselling)
My passion lies in helping and guiding my clients to heal from past emotional trauma that is stuck in the body. Throughout my years as a psychologist, I have come to realize that most mental health issues stem from past unresolved trauma and intra-psychic conflicts that the client might or not be aware of. These sets of traumas often remain hidden as they have been repressed in the subconscious mind and body, yet they indirectly cause one to feel “stuck” in the present moment. Many adults report that they are plagued by the same emotional themes in their life whether they feel constantly not good enough, insecure, guilty, fearful or that they find themselves sabotaging relationships over and over again.  
10 Years Experience
Online in Australia

Rhiannon Derrig - Sexuality And Relationships (Sentient)

Counsellor/Therapist, Psychotherapist, PACFA; Psychosexual Therapist
As a clinical psychotherapist and registered psychosexual therapist, I specialise in helping individuals with trauma and PTSD, self-esteem issues, relationship issues, and sexual difficulties, including intimacy and trust. I am also passionate about providing support for navigating gendered, sexual, racial, neurodiversity, and cultural identities, who may experience discrimination or internalised stigma. Centering unconditional positive regard, I work closely with the client to deeply explore how their past experiences, current situations, family background, and social elements of their lives have impacted their wellbeing. I then work together with the client to explore how they navigate life within their social and environmental surroundings, as well as how to establish an environment and support system that is conducive to growth and healthy self-esteem. As a therapist, I deeply value sex positivity, social justice and removing the stigma and social constraints surrounding mental health work. I also aim to move away from binary and the pathologisation of queerness and neurodiversity, and provide dedicated support for people who feel they fall outside of the margins of the dominant societal group. Peer support towards queerness and neurodiversity is an important therapeutic element that I provide - living actively in the queer community and with neurodiversity myself, I am able to genuinely connect with others who may identify with similar experiences. I work from a trauma-informed, ecological-environmental and systemic framework to support survivors to thrive and enjoy healthy relationships. I am respectful and accepting of all forms of self-expression and diverse identities. In this way, my goal is to nurture self-compassion and to empower clients to make a sustainable positive impact on their wellbeing.  
4 Years Experience
Online in Australia