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Munich, Bavaria therapist: Jean-Marie Bottequin, life coach
Men’s Issues

Jean-Marie Bottequin

Life Coach, WAPP
Who are you as a man?? The Inquisitive Child - The Precocious Prankster - The Fool - The Divine Child - The Highchair Tyrant - The Weak Prince - The Oedipal Child - The Mama's Boy - The Dreamer - The Hero - The Class Tyrant - The Coward - The magician - The indifferent manipulator - The naive or the denying unsuspecting - The king - The tyrant - The weakling - The lover - The addicted lover - The impotent lover - The warrior - The sadist - The masochist - Like a father - Like a brother - Like a son - Like a friend - Like a lover - Like a mother - Like a daughter - Like a sister - Like a friend - Like a lover. Who are you? By means of a questionnaire, I create an exact, almost mathematical profile. We recognize the strengths and weaknesses and now know what we can work on. Let's get to work on it!  
20 Years Experience
In-Person in Munich, Germany
Online in Austria, Germany, Multiple States

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