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Munich, Bavaria therapist: Jean-Marie Bottequin, life coach
Relationship and Marriage Counseling

Jean-Marie Bottequin

Life Coach, WAPP
Would you like to work on your partnership that will further enrich your partnership? Do you want to understand your partner better and thus become a little happier? Are you single? Do you want to prepare for a partnership, maybe you also want to understand why it didn't work out with the last partnership, or or or ... As a Life Coach I have been married for a relatively long time and that 3 times! So I know that marriage is not always easy, that it is a task, but how fulfilling it can be and how rewarding partnership can be if we don't give up but work on the relationship. "Man is a mine rich in precious stones of inestimable value" Let us try to apply this reference from Bahá'u'lláh to our partner and ourselves. The coaching topics could be: - Marriage as a life task - From being in love to being in love - Understanding my partner better - to be afraid. Fear or anxiety? Of what? - Desires confuse me - What can I do myself? - Family of origin, childhood and sibling constellation, is that important? - How can I work on my independence? - How can I develop my own strengths and abilities? - Cooperation, with whom? - Partner search, how do I do that? - Encouragement / discouragement - Which diverse signals do I send out? - How is my communication? How should it be? - Do I know my partner? - About sexuality - Being able to forgive is worth its weight in gold - What is a marriage vision? - What is my vision and attitude? - Living conditions and crisis conditions - Where do we go from here? - Why or what am I on this planet fore?  
20 Years Experience
In-Person in Munich, Germany
Online in Austria, Germany, Multiple States

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