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Christchurch, England therapist: Saffron Marriner, counselor/therapist
Self Esteem

Saffron Marriner

Counselor/Therapist, MBACP (Accred)
I work with clients regarding building self esteem both in a person centred way, feeling heard and validated, as well as at times using CBT in order to reframe thoughts in order to change feelings and work towards more empowering behaviours. These behaviours in turn encourage more supportive and compassionate self talk which enables the client to feel better about themselves.  
20 Years Experience
Plovdiv, Plovdiv therapist: Dr Aneliya Gonsard, psychologist
Self Esteem

Dr Aneliya Gonsard

Psychologist, DClinPscy, MSc, BA
We all relate to ourselves in varied and sometimes fluctuating ways - sometimes critically and harshly, other times in more gente and forgiving ways. This relationship is influenced by past and current experiences and what we have 'taken in' from those (especially with caregivers and other important people in our lives). A punitive, demeaning stance to one's own self, which has been there for a long time and is hard to shift, is what brings many people to therapy. Both because of the suffering it inflicts internally, as well as the impact it has on the way a person relates to the external world. If this is something you struggle with and would like to explore the option of psychotherapy to address this, please get in touch.  
14 Years Experience
In-Person in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Sandy Bay, Tasmania therapist: Wonderful Mess, counselor/therapist
Self Esteem

Wonderful Mess

Self-esteem may be the one topic that brings people to counselling, but more often than not it hides behind other topics. Most of us have experienced events, situations, relationships, etc in our lives that mean that our self-esteem is the way it is today - and often the way it is today causes us many struggles in our relationship to ourselves and/or others. I aim to help clients reconcile themselves with who they are, just the way they are, and realise what "belongs to them or doesn't belong to them" in terms of their thoughts, feelings and emotions regarding their mind and body.  
2 Years Experience
In-Person in Sandy Bay, TAS 7005
Online in Australia, France, Singapore
Seattle, Washington therapist: Sumer Statler Aeed, psychologist
Self Esteem

Sumer Statler Aeed

Psychologist, Licensed Psychologist
Of all the relationships we shall share throughout our lives our relationship with out true selves is the foundation and root from which all the others grow. My passion is to help you find a strong loving honest relationship with your true self and all it's parts that allows you to build, connect and thrive in all of your external relationships. This is an inside out, bottom up process of integration that introduces you to all that you are and all that you were meant to be, making peace with shadow parts as well as allowing powerful parts of you that never got to come forward. It is a messy, wonderful, and life changing journey to find our way back to ourselves.  
25 Years Experience
Online in France, United Kingdom, PSYPACT states
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