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 therapist: Monique Hill, therapist
Drama Therapy

Monique Hill

Therapist, MA Drama therapy, Certified Cyber Therapist
I offer therapy via Zoom call, email, or text message, meaning that there are several ways to incorporate therapy into your schedule. Online therapy is just as effective as in-person therapy, and you can expect the same warmth and support online that you would get in person.  
7 Years Experience
Online in Germany, South Africa
Munich, Bavaria therapist: Jean-Marie Bottequin, life coach
Drama Therapy

Jean-Marie Bottequin

Life Coach, WAPP
My consultation The method of Prof. Dr. Nosssrat Peseschkian (known as positive transcultural psychotherapy) enables a holistic development of personality and society by linking the following three areas: 1. positive development in the narrower sense (mental and physical well-being of the individual). 2. positive development in a broader sense (connection between mental health, job, family, partnership, future (the "balance model" we call it in the sense of personality development) 3. positive development in a comprehensive sense (mental health through cooperation between different areas of life: science, politics, economy, society, worldview and religion. The Psychodynamic Positive Method is a depth-psychologically founded, resource-oriented and conflict-centred method from a transcultural perspective and was founded in 1968 by Prof. Dr. Nossrat Peseschkian.  
20 Years Experience
In-Person in Munich, Germany
Online in Austria, Germany, Multiple States

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