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Plovdiv, Plovdiv therapist: Dr Aneliya Gonsard, psychologist
Social Isolation

Dr Aneliya Gonsard

Psychologist, DClinPscy, MSc, BA
Social isolation can be the aftermath of multiple factors. Some peole struggle with being around others and in their attemt to avoid painful emotions and experiences, choose to keep contacts to a minimum. The reasons for interpersonal difficulties and the resulting avoidance of relationships can also be multifaceted, but in my experience almost aways link back to adveristies at various stages of a person's life (including their very early life). Poverty, physical illness and disability and social exclusion are also often reasons for people to find themselves alone and isolated. If you feel that this is an issue you are struggling with and would like to explore the reasons for it, please get in touch.  
14 Years Experience
In-Person in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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