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Carlow, County Carlow therapist: Clive Rooney CLIVECARE, registered psychotherapist
Bipolar Disorder

Clive Rooney CLIVECARE

Registered Psychotherapist, BA (HONS) Psych, H Dip Psychsis, Bsc Counselling & Psychotherapy, MA Cognitive Behavioural therapy
learn a CBT structured approach to skills acquisition and relapse prevention though collaboration in therapy, CBT for Bipolar disorder involves an educational and self management approach to understanding the disorder and how best to cope with it. Learn how to accurately detect prodomes or early warning signs that you could be experiencing an elated or depressive episode and learn to tell the difference. Learn to be a scientist or detective in knowing you better to be able to predict when you might be at risk and what YOU can do about it.  
10 Years Experience
In-Person in Carlow, Ireland
Online in Ireland
Lancing, England therapist: Jerry Ramsden, counselor/therapist
Bipolar Disorder

Jerry Ramsden

Counselor/Therapist, (Dip.Couns)
Experienced in working with clients formally diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder type 1 and type 2. My work is around coping tools and emotional regulation.  
20 Years Experience

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