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Ikeja, Lagos therapist: SAGE NEL, marriage and family therapist
Women's Issues


Marriage and Family Therapist, Trusted, Certified, Verified Personal, Relationship and Family Life Therapist |Therapist to Thought Leaders and Top Leaders | Family Systems Engineering Practitioner and Specialist | Certified Meditator and Negotiator| Nationally Loved Radio Therapist| Author of over 30 books on Personal and Family Life Strategies, Solutions and Success | Therapy-Tech Solutions Founder.
Women are Super Beings with Intricate Systems with the ability to produces magnificent results and effects. Often times, there are a lot of situations, challenges and seeming limitations that hinder women from reaching their life's peak. As a Counselor who have worked and continued to train and counsel women in the past 5 years, i have developed and continued tested and working, tools, techniques and solutions in various ways to help Women reach their life's peak despite their challenges.  
9 Years Experience
In-Person in Ikeja, Nigeria
In-Person in Pakuro, Nigeria
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