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San Francisco, California therapist: Brad Byrum, marriage and family therapist
Gottman Method

Brad Byrum

Marriage and Family Therapist, MA, MBA, LMFT
I use online video therapy to help couples change how they think, feel, and behave by integrating mindfulness, compassion and neurobiology. I am passionate about creating new models for the delivery of psychotherapy and behavioral wellness coaching utilizing web-based technologies which allow us to increase access, reduce cost, and enhance effectiveness. I work with clients via secure video, email, and text as well as HIPPA compliant complimentary resources. Research studies consistently indicate that online video therapy is equivalent to face-to-face care in various settings. Because online video therapy is a relatively new, innovative and evolving form of practice, it requires additional, specific training to assure effective clinical outcomes. I am a Board Certified – TeleMental Health Provider (BC – TMH 1808) and I have extensive experience working with clients via online video both as a psychotherapist and as a professional coach. I continue to invest in additional training to remain at the cutting edge of innovation.  
8 Years Experience
Online in Multiple States

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