Online therapists in Oregon


Josh Dolin: Purpose Pathfinder

Life Coach
My online therapy practice is focused on guiding individuals towards understanding and living their true purpose. Through virtual sessions, Josh offers a personalized and empathetic approach to mental health, helping clients navigate their unique life challenges. His practice emphasizes creating a safe, supportive space for self-discovery and personal growth, making therapy accessible and convenient regardless of location.  
21 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Katie Steinert

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC
Online therapy is a convenient way to access therapy from the comfort of your home. Teletherapy allows for less time waiting for your appointment, eliminates the need to travel to a physical office, and reduces the possibility of exposure to COVID-19. Because individual needs vary, not everyone is a good fit for teletherapy. We can discuss whether your treatment goals and individual needs can be served through the use of an online therapy platform.  
9 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Mary Knoblock

Hypnotherapist, Licensed RTT Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotist, Duke Certified Health Coach, Spiritual Counselor
Haven Wellness was founded in 2013 in order to provide comprehensive services that support and foster the health of our customers. I offer a variety of tools, to improve and help you maintain your optimal health. I love working with clients from all walks of life who all share the common goal of bettering their mind, body, and soul. Whether you are experiencing pain or simply want to improve your physical and mental fitness, Haven Wellness provides the resources to do so in a healing and friendly environment. Learn more about by getting in touch today! ​ My Qualifications are as follows: 1. Clinical RTT Practitioner (Rapid Transformation Therapy) 2. ND Alternative Practitioner Student - Class of 2021 3. Emotion Code Practitioner 4. Duke trained Integrative Medicine Health Coach 5. Homeopath Consultant 6. Spiritual Counseling - ordained minister 7. Art Life Coach 8. NLP Master 9. Keen Life Coach 10. Hypnotist 11. Family Herbalist 12. Reiki Master 13. Mindfulness Practitioner 14. CBT Life Coach Practitioner 15. SAFM Integrative Medicine Practitioner Candidate  
9 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Ashley Hayes,

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW
My goal is to be a warm and encouraging presence as you share your struggles and daily challenges, identify your strengths and areas of growth, and pave a way forward towards achieving your goals. My intent is to assist you in the incredible process of healing and empowerment. I firmly believe that you already have everything you need within yourself to heal and find the answers you are seeking. I am honored to support you in becoming the more that you are.  
10 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Peaceful Warrior Wellness Services, LLC / Dr.Steven Ruiz Bettencourt, Psy.D.,LPC, Cht, EMDR

Licensed Professional Counselor, Doctor of Psychology, Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, EMDR
I offer online therapy during the Covid-19 pandemic and will continue this modality for any of my clients who prefer this convenience.  
41 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Christina Shonkwiler

Hypnotherapist, MA, CHT
The benefit of doing hypnotherapy work online is that you are in your own environment and can relax deeply in private, comfortable space.  
6 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Catherine Saunders

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC
Although I prefer in person sessions, I am glad to offer therapy via Telehealth for those desiring that format regularly, and for times when circumstances require a change to that format, like weather or sickness.  
27 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Eric Olsen

Life Coach, Trauma, PTSD, BSc Sciences, DoD Career Councilor, SARC, DAPA, Pre Licensed Human Intelligence / Psychology, Life Coach. | Professional Support: LSSBB, PgM, Bluestone PMP,
I work with you in virtual sessions in a safe professional manner as we work through the challenges and issues you are facing. My empathy is always present. You will leave transformed with greater clarity in life and how to move forward each day. You will have a plan and a path forward.  
15 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Dr. Kelly Rees

Counselor/Therapist, PhD, Sexologist
I offer 60 or 90 minute sessions via Zoom. My clients are surprised how much we can accomplish! I have clients who live far from my city who can now take advantage of my services.  
16 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Chanida Lee

Psychiatrist, DR.0066517
I offer care both in-person at our Greenwood Village location as well as through our secure and convenient telehealth platform.  
5 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Wendy Jensen LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Hypnotherapist, Diplomate Comprehensive Energy Psychology
My initiation into healing arts probably began as a child when I was blessed with experiencing a variety of paranormal events that helped me to learn and trust clairaudient and clairvoyant communication with spirit. My formal initiation began in 1996 in Portland, Oregon when I began studying Shamanic Healing though the Foundation For Shamanic Studies. I have trained with Sandra Ingerman in Soul Retrieval techniques and with several shamanic practitioners incorporating the healing energies of nature, doing divination work and teaching others to learn to do shamanic journey work. In 1998, I began training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). It was here, that I really began to understand how the body stores traumatic material subconsciously, that the physical body can manifest that stored material in physical and emotional disease and that the body can release that stored memory and it’s subsequent effects given the opportunity and assistance with proper techniques. In 1999, Wendy began training in Dynamic Energetic Healing™, a powerful protocol that encompasses a variety of healing modalities drawn from the Energy Psychology field. Energetic Healing focuses on helping clients to identify negative emotions, limiting beliefs and old traumas held in the energetic pathways of the body, explore the origins or root causes of these disturbances that may have occurred in current or past life or carried through on an ancestral linage and then release them. Since then I have studied and certified in a variety of Energy Pyschology techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapas Accupressure Technique, Healing from the Body Level Up, and many more. I am a Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology since 2004. In 2006 Wendy completed a 2 year intensive training with the Wellness Institute in Heart Centered Hypnotherapy. And in 2019, she completed the Essentials training in RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory) These trainings utilize the clients wise intuitive self along with guided prompts from the therapist to bring into consciousness, then clear and heal the past trauma memories still carried in the mind and body. I holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology, a Master of Science degree in Social Work, Certifcations in Hypnotherapy and Energy Psychology and am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have been in private practice since 1995. Since Covid-19 arrived in March 2020, I have held all session remotely via Zoom or Phone and has found teletherapy to be widely used, accepted and actually preferred by many of my cllents who report that they are able to do even deeper work from the safety of their own homes and not have to compartmentalize or shut off the deep work in order to go out and drive back home or to their workplace.  
29 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Soul Journey Coaching & Wellness

Counselor/Therapist, Board Certified Holistic Functional Medicine Psychoneuroimmunology Practitioner
I am Dr. Meredyth, Board Certified Holistic Functional Medicine Psychoneuroimmunology Practitioner. I have worked with people all over the world for the last 24+ Years. We know life doesn't just happen between 9 and 5 and neither should therapy, support! We aim to give clients access to 24/7 Private, Confidential, Empathic Mental and Holistic Health Support. I am a Board Certified Holistic Therapist with a background in Psychology, Social Work, Child & Family Studies, Business Administration, Pharmacology, Healthcare Administration, Education & Educational Supervision, Legal Science, Psychoneuroimmunology Science (the study of how the brain and immune system work together to heal disease/pain), Spirituality and Behavior Modification - All Summa Cum Laude. I look forward to working with you!  
24 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Karen Queller

Art Therapist, M.A Expressive Arts Therapy
Many people wonder how Expressive Arts Therapy works online. Through my experience I can say that it truly does. Being in your own home allows you to find resources in your natural environment that are available to you, making the therapeutic process feel more integrated into your daily life..... which is where all the magic happens anyways ;)  
5 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Ann Britt

Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT, MCC
Hello, I'm Ann Britt, a licensed marriage and family therapist. My mission is to help you connect deeply with yourself, with others in your life, and with the Universe. You are not broken. You don't need fixing. You just need to discover your true self + get unstuck + start living effectively. Let's work together to help you heal, create the life you desire - and start living it. With your commitment to change and my unique expertise.  
42 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Bend Counseling & Biofeedback

Licensed Professional Counselor, MS, LPC, LCPC
You don’t have to go through this unpredictable and uncertain time alone. With self quarantines and being forced to practice social distancing, it can feel overwhelming, scary, and lonely. So many people are struggling with anxiety and feeling hopeless. Did you know that due to the State and National emergency almost all insurance companies now reimburse for online teletherapy? We are a compassionate, experienced, small group of statewide therapists who can help you by giving quick and long last results. We use effective, evidence-based approaches that we guarantee will give you a sense of peace and hope in your very first session.   
Online in Oregon

Ryan Kopyar Holistic Healing and Counseling

Pre-Licensed Professional, Professional Counselor Associate (OR), LMHCA (WA)
I see you. I hear you. I am here to support you. If you are struggling I am here to offer you hope and hold space for you. Healing is possible and you can have me by your side to support your healing. I provide telehealth sessions to client in OR and WA.  
3 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Ruth Williamson Consulting

Life Coach, PCC, CDTLF, CDWF
I offer video conferencing/coaching in addition to in-person sessions. This allows us to stay in a coaching conversation at regular intervals regardless of your location or travel schedule.  
12 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Marcy Irene Jenks

Licensed Professional Counselor, MS, RN, NCC, LPC, LMHC
I offer telehealth session for folks in Washington and Oregon.  
7 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Angie Arledge

Pre-Licensed Professional, CSWA
I feel that I became a Social Worker so that I could support individuals that were struggling to see who they are. I have many personal lived experiences and experiences of supporting family and friends through thoughts of suicide to end of life due to medical complications.  
3 Years Experience
Online in Oregon

Gui Mansilla

Registered Psychotherapist, Lawyer (Arg) M.Div (USA) Reg. Psychotherapist (CA) Coach (Ca)
Embark on a transformative journey towards mental well-being with over a decade of expertise in online therapy. I have dedicated myself to harnessing the immense potential of this digital medium to empower clients to create positive and enduring change—all from the convenience of their preferred location. My specialization in online therapy has led to the development of effective techniques, ensuring swift and tailored care for various mental health issues. Please be advised that while remote therapy is a powerful tool, it may not be suitable for all mental health challenges. During our initial consultation, I will thoroughly assess your specific situation and recommend the most suitable course of action based on your individual needs. Your well-being is my priority, and together, we'll navigate the path toward lasting positive change.  
19 Years Experience
Online in Oregon