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    Residents of the San Fernando Valley are at or above most the averages for the rest of Los Angeles County in several key mental health areas, such as depression, major depression, anxiety, and dementia. While these rates are at or above averages for Los Angeles County, most are still significantly lower than the nationwide occurrence rates. For example, the rate of depression diagnosis at 12.9% is amongst the highest in the area (second to only Antelope Valley), yet it’s still approximately 5% lower than the nationwide average according to the County of Los Angeles Key Indicators of Health Report and the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

    Depressed individuals in Los Angeles County are shown to skew toward female (7% male to 11% female) and most are older individuals from age 40 to 59 (11% for 40-49 year olds and 13% for 50 to 59 year olds). Caucasians appear to be the most affected race or ethnicity (12%), with African Americans slightly behind (9%). And surprisingly the income gap shows that rates between income levels (from 100% less than the federal poverty line to 300% above the federal poverty line) don’t play a significant role in instances of depression diagnosis. Employment, on the other hand, does seem to play a considerable role, with 13% of all diagnosis being to unemployed individuals, as opposed to 7% that are gainfully employed, this, according to a Los Angeles Public Health Department report on depression.

    While mental health statistics show Encino to be well-below most national averages, that doesn’t mean that the city is without its problems. Prescription drug abuse in Encino, as well as Los Angeles County is climbing year over year with the most common legal drug with potential for abuse being opioid pain relievers. This Los Angeles Public Health Department report shows that hospitalization for over the counter drug overdose has remained relatively steady, but emergency room visits have grown slightly each year since 2005. The very same report shows that results from a 2011 Los Angeles County Health Survey show that 5.2% (an estimated 379,000 individuals) reported misusing prescription drugs the past year in Los Angeles County. The data shows that the instances of abuse are higher amongst males than females, and that those aged 30-39 showed the highest rate of abuse, at 7.6%.

    If you or a loved one live in Encino, or Los Angeles County California, TherapyTribe has certified therapists and mental health professionals across a wide variety of specialties that are here to help. Simply browse our directory to find contact details used to get in touch with one or more of our therapists.