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Elena Serra

Therapist, Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (RP-Q)
We are available ONLINE.  
5 Years Experience

Liv Hua

Life Coach, Board Certified Coach from the Centre of Credentialing Education , PhD in Educational Psychology from the Department of Education and Counselling Psychology, McGill University
From the corporate grind to a PEmbarking from the rigorous corporate sphere to an enlightening PhD odyssey, I've mastered the dance between burnout and breakthrough. With over a decade's expertise in sculpting life-altering learning journeys via training, mentoring, and coaching, and a profound exploration into the realms of neuroscience and human motivation, I stand ready to steer you towards your zenith, ensuring the journey is unequivocally yours.  
1 Years Experience

Angela Jones

Registered Social Worker, MSW, BSW, RSW Registered Social Worker/ Psychotherapist
Angela Jones provides therapy to children, adolescents and adults. She offers access to treatment in Ontario, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, Ottawa, Vancouver and Quebec, Canada. She is committed to forming a collaborative partnership with you to find ways to help you become the best version of yourself.  
9 Years Experience
In-Person in Windsor, ON
In-Person in Montreal, QC
Online in Ontario, Quebec

Alexandra Vartosu

Hypnotherapist, Holistic Psychotherapist & Master Life Coach, MC. (Psy.), IAPMC
At Renew Holistic Therapy & Coaching, I offer a unique blend of holistic psychotherapy and soulful life coaching designed to help you achieve emotional balance and inner peace. My practice is dedicated to supporting individuals who seek personal growth and relief from anxiety, stress, and depression. With a compassionate, integrative approach, I provide a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your true self and start your journey towards healing and fulfillment. Together, we will work on uncovering your strengths, finding relief, and building resilience, helping you create a life aligned with your values and purpose. Whether you’re seeking to overcome emotional challenges or striving for personal growth, I’m here to guide and support you every step of the way. Discover the potential of holistic therapy and coaching at Renew. Book your session today and take the first step towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.  
11 Years Experience

Philippa Klein

Counsellor/Therapist, PSW, MSW
As a counselling therapist with over a decade of private practice experience, I hope to bring an open and accepting mind to a wide variety of clientele. Finding a good fit in a therapist is so hard, especially if it is your first time reaching out for help. It can be daunting. To me a good therapeutic space is one in which trust and compassion can be established, where a person can feel both supported and sometimes gently challenged, and where a relationship is created in which one can feel not only heard, but also understood. A depth of experience working with relationships, anxiety, career issues, sexuality and the generalized existential angst we are undergoing in these very unstable times. I see individuals and couples, including those in ENM configurations. I also do in-person nature therapy in my woods 20 minutes from Mont Tremblant  
11 Years Experience
Online in Ontario, Quebec

Sexuality & ADhD Solutions

Counsellor/Therapist, Registered Therapist/Certified Coach - RSSW, AAC, CEBC, CAE
If you are unsure about online therapy, let's have a 15 minute chat online and you can decide if it works for you. When I started working online during the pandemic, I was surprised how well it turned out. Clients were not stressed from being stuck in traffic, worried about being late, or from having to find a parking space. I mostly see clients in their natural environment which has it's own benefits. The connection between me and the client is still powerful.  
11 Years Experience
Online in Ontario, Quebec

Samantha Cervino

Life Coach, Life Coach | Yoga Teacher | Personal Development Mentor | Published Author | Reiki Master, EFT Meridian Tapping Pract.
It is time for you to discover your true self. Tap into your unlimited potential and find your life purpose. Live by design, not default. I help professionals who feel unfulfilled in their current job and lack energy in their daily lives to create a purposeful career, tap into a well of energy and vitality and finally create a balanced, harmonious life they’re proud of. I offer a FREE consultation call. Thank you for contacting me. Samantha Cervno  
7 Years Experience

Meredith Mpinga

Counsellor/Therapist, MA, CPC
For your convenience, online therapy is available by video on a secure platform. Whether joining from home, on your lunch break at work, or from your car, all you need for online therapy is an internet connection, a camera on your device, and a private space.  
13 Years Experience

Chantale Lemieux | Divan bleu

Counsellor/Therapist, TRA, Thérapeute en relation d’aide par l’ANDC®
Vous souhaitez bénéficier d'un accompagnement personnalisé, adapté à votre rythme? Vous préférez consulter depuis le confort de votre domicile, en toute sécurité et confidentialité? Alors je vous invite à découvrir la thérapie en ligne que je vous propose! Je m'appelle Chantale Lemieux, et je suis thérapeute en relation d'aide, qui se spécialise dans les relations. Je vous propose des séances en ligne, en individuel ou en couple. J'utilise l'approche non directive créatrice (ANDC) qui vous aide à communiquer de façon authentique avec vous-même et avec les autres. Elle vous permet de vous connaître mieux, de vous accepter davantage, et de vous exprimer librement.  
9 Years Experience

Arne Pedersen - Awareness In Health

Hypnotherapist, Registered Counselling Hypnotherapist
Change can be intimidating, but it's also an opportunity for growth—the avenue of freedom from your challenges. If anxiety, negative thoughts, or self-doubt are holding you back, reach out for support. In your complimentary 1-hour video consultation, we'll delve into your challenges and dreams. My mindfulness-based approach integrates professionalism with a caring, supportive atmosphere where your voice matters. Take the first step towards healing—contact me via email to schedule your free 1 hour Zoom meeting and we can begin this journey together.  
13 Years Experience

Jeffrey Driscoll

Pre-Licensed Professional, Counsellor, Master of Psychology Graduate Student , yoga life coach, Ontario certified teacher
Provide sessions for clients facing a variety of issues related to self, relationships, grief, life transformations etc. Integrated approach that combines emotion focused and acceptance and commitment therapy with mindfullness and psychodynamic modalities.  
4 Years Experience
In-Person in Mississauga, ON
Online in Multiple Canadian Provinces

Sarah Houazene

Psychologist, Ph.D.
I offer teletherapy sessions via Owl Practice, my practice management software.  
3 Years Experience
In-Person in Toronto, ON M4V 1L5
Online in Ontario, Quebec

Alexandra Maduro

Registered Psychotherapist, M.Sc, M.A.
My practice is client-centered and focused on creating a warm, accepting, and supportive environment that fosters personal growth. I work with adults navigating various kinds of experiences, including life transitions, stress, burnout, relational difficulties, anxiety, mood disorders, and enduring effects of trauma. The therapeutic interventions I use are evidence-based, and my goal is to work collaboratively with you to reach your goals.  
3 Years Experience
Online in Quebec

Joseph Bottros | Anchored Therapy Centre - Individual and Couples Therapy

Registered Psychotherapist, BA, MACP, C.C.C
I'm Accepting New Clients for In-Person in our private office and Virtual sessions. I reply to all inquiries, but sometimes my email response lands in spam/junk. Book your Free Consultation Today!  
2 Years Experience
In-Person in Milton, ON
Online in Ontario, Quebec

Josh Dolin: Purpose Pathfinder

Life Coach
My online therapy practice is focused on guiding individuals towards understanding and living their true purpose. Through virtual sessions, Josh offers a personalized and empathetic approach to mental health, helping clients navigate their unique life challenges. His practice emphasizes creating a safe, supportive space for self-discovery and personal growth, making therapy accessible and convenient regardless of location.  
21 Years Experience

Hera Baboudjian

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Social Worker
Hello! My name is Hera. I am a multilingual social worker who truly believes in the full potential and the resiliency of each being. I am passionate about accompanying each person to support them through the challenges they may be experiencing, in order to help them attain a well-being and to regain balance once again. I obtained my bachelor’s degree of Social Work from University of Montreal, accredited by the Order of Social Workers, Family, and Marriage Therapists of Quebec (OTSTCFQ) and have more than 20 years of clinical experience in the public sector and private practice. I specialize in working with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, burn out, relationship issues, self-confidence, life changes/transitions, work/study challenges, caregiver role, grief, self-inquiry/existential questions and communication. I am also passionate about spirituality (also a hatha yoga teacher), travelling & cultures and I have a holistic/mindful based as well as solution focused, cognitive-behavioural and intercultural approaches with my clients. I am currently only offering virtual (or by phone) sessions.  
21 Years Experience
Online in Quebec

Stephanie Wojciechowicz

Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Psychotherapists, CCC, c.o.
It is possible for everyone to find a balance in their life. In our work together, we will identify the emotions, thoughts and behaviours that occur in stressful situations. By identifying needs and wants, it provides clarity for yourself and also the dynamics of relationships you have with others. It will help determine the path that best suits your life.  
3 Years Experience
Online in Ontario, Quebec

Prof. Sir Romesh Jayasinghe, OLS

Psychologist, Ph.D.(Applied Psychology), Dh.C.(Florida), FRSPH(UK), FACCPH(UK), FTBCCT(UK), Adv.Dip.(Psychiatry), Adv.Dip.(Clinical Psychology), Adv.Dip.(Neuroscience), Dip.CBT(UK), Dip.(Couples Therapy), Dip.(Hypnotherapy), Dip.(Relationship Psychology), Dip.(Nutrition Science), Cert.(Integrative Mental Health)
I offer online audio or video counselling and psychotherapy, life coaching and relationship coaching, couple counselling sessions via Skype or Zoom for Sri Lankans and overseas individual and couple clients in English. Each online session lasts around 60 minutes (one hour) duration for an individual sessions, and two hours for couple / marriage counselling sessions.  
18 Years Experience

Nicole Marek

Psychologist, Psychologist/Psychotherapist, OPQ
Online therapy has become an effective and efficient way to resolve long-standing issues, improve your well-being, and explore themes that are important to you. I use a protected platform to ensure confidentiality and am available in the evenings. I specialize in LGBTQ+ populations, attachment issues, and overcoming depression and anxiety. My preferred modalities are EFT, CBT, ACT, IFS, and SE.  
18 Years Experience
Online in Quebec

Florence MacGregor

Registered Psychotherapist, Registered Psychotherapist (qualifying), MFA, MPS, Embodiment Coach
Online Therapy offers the comfort of no travel time while having therapy in your home. Through a secure video platform, you will receive my undivided attention, compassion and care. Through the secure platform, you will also receive email or text reminders and professional invoices and receipts for insurance purposes. Email or call me for a FREE Consultation.  
14 Years Experience

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Quebec Online Therapists (Statistics)

Average years in practice

12 Years Experience

Average cost per session


Gender ID

80% Female
20% Male

Session Type

56% In Person and Online
44% Online Only

Top Specialties

94% Anxiety or Fears
74% Depression
65% Stress
65% Self Esteem
53% Social Anxiety
50% Loss or Grief
47% Relationship and Marriage Counseling