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 therapist: Soul Journey Coaching & Wellness, counselor/therapist
Social Anxiety

Soul Journey Coaching & Wellness

Counselor/Therapist, Board Certified Holistic Functional Medicine Psychoneuroimmunology Practitioner
Soul Journey Coaching works with Social Anxiety from the perspective of mindfulness and techniques such as visualization, short and long term goal setting as well as implementing The Confidence Factor to reassess the negative, build self esteem, and strong confidence.  
24 Years Experience
Beverly Hills, California therapist: Karen Queller, art therapist
Social Anxiety

Karen Queller

Art Therapist, M.A Expressive Arts Therapy
Discover what your unique process is and how it can actually help you transform social anxiety, develop self-expression, build confidence, and cultivate authentic connections with others.  
5 Years Experience
Santa Ana, California therapist: Mary Knoblock, hypnotherapist
Social Anxiety

Mary Knoblock

Hypnotherapist, Licensed RTT Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotist, Duke Certified Health Coach, Spiritual Counselor
We help reduce your social anxiety and help you find your inner strength and self confidence to be comfortable in social settings again. RTT, Hypnosis, the emotion code, health coaching and spiritual counseling can all help you feel better and move through the social anxiety.  
9 Years Experience
Los Angeles, California therapist: Crystal Taylor - Soulful Hearts In Nature, life coach
Social Anxiety

Crystal Taylor - Soulful Hearts In Nature

Life Coach, RSMT
I specialize in working with highly sensitive people who have some social anxiety and recognize that it's making life harder than it needs to be. Together in a supportive environment, we will explore the roots of the social anxiety, use proven methods of shifting any fears of being around other people, and learn new ways to interact with others that feel good to you and don't set off the alarm bells.  
15 Years Experience
Seattle, Washington therapist: HealthWise Hypnosis, hypnotherapist
Social Anxiety

HealthWise Hypnosis

Hypnotherapist, CHt
Social anxiety can often feel like a heavy burden, restricting you from fully enjoying social interactions and participating in various activities. When you overcome social anxiety, you experience a newfound freedom to express yourself authentically, engage with others confidently, and pursue opportunities without fear of judgment or rejection. With hypnosis, we can help your subconscious mind release whatever it is that has been keeping you from being the relaxed, confident person you want to be, allowing you to have a social life that is enjoyable and rewarding.  
15 Years Experience
Denver, Colorado therapist: Katie Steinert, licensed professional counselor
Social Anxiety

Katie Steinert

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC
Social anxiety feels devastating. The constant fear of judgement, worrying that others can see that you are anxious, and the frustrating physical symptoms (pounding heart, trembling, sweating, or blushing) can be enough to make you feel hopeless, maybe even depressed. Let's explore how your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions interact to power your social anxiety. You CAN learn to interact with your anxiety in a more productive way. I believe that every individual struggling with social anxiety can learn to re-engage in their lives and reduce the impact that it has on their relationships and self-esteem.  
9 Years Experience
Portland, Oregon therapist: Catherine Saunders, licensed professional counselor
Social Anxiety

Catherine Saunders

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC
Anxiety is a normal part of life. Let’s look at how you experience social anxiety and how to mediate for it, to lessen it so you can enjoy your personal ideal range of social interaction more fully.  
27 Years Experience
In-Person in Portland, OR 97221
Online in Oregon
Kissimmee, Florida therapist: Dorrett Lovell, psychiatric nurse/therapist
Social Anxiety

Dorrett Lovell

Psychiatric Nurse/Therapist, PMHNP-BC
I can treat symptoms of social anxiety, which is characterized by intense fear, self-consciousness, and discomfort in social situations. People with social anxiety often experience excessive worry about being judged, embarrassed, or scrutinized by others, leading to avoidance of social interactions and significant distress in various areas of life.  
30 Years Experience
In-Person in Kissimmee, FL 34741
Online in Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon
Seattle, Washington therapist: Eric Olsen, life coach
Social Anxiety

Eric Olsen

Life Coach, Trauma, PTSD, BSc Sciences, DoD Career Councilor, SARC, DAPA, Pre Licensed Human Intelligence / Psychology, Life Coach. | Professional Support: LSSBB, PgM, Bluestone PMP,
You will be able to be around people with ease after the work we do to lead you through the social anxiety. I offer targeted support for individuals dealing with social anxiety, focusing on creating a safe and understanding environment for clients to explore their fears and challenges. Through evidence-based techniques, I assist clients in developing skills to manage anxiety, enhance social skills, and build confidence in social situations. My goal is to empower clients to engage more fully in life and form meaningful connections with others.  
15 Years Experience
Cave Creek, Arizona therapist: Josh Dolin: Purpose Pathfinder, life coach
Social Anxiety

Josh Dolin: Purpose Pathfinder

Life Coach
For social anxiety, therapy aims at understanding the underlying fears and developing skills to manage anxiety in social situations. Strategies may include gradual exposure to feared situations and cognitive restructuring. Embark on your journey to manage social anxiety by scheduling a complimentary 15-minute consultation, where we'll discuss personalized treatment strategies.  
21 Years Experience
Portland, Oregon therapist: Stephanie Powers, drug and alcohol counselor
Social Anxiety

Stephanie Powers

Drug and Alcohol Counselor, MS, LCDC, CADC II
Often experienced by those who use substance as a "social lubricant" or maladaptive coping.  
7 Years Experience
Online in Oregon, Texas

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