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Kirkliston, Scotland therapist: Jayne LESLEY Allen, hypnotherapist

Jayne LESLEY Allen

Hypnotherapist, MIBWRT,MNCH,GQHP, Brainworking Recursive Therapist, NLP Practioner, Mindfulness Teacher, Coach
Are you experiencing stress? is it probably affecting all areas of your life making you feel anxious, irritable. Is it affecting your work, your relationships and your long term physical and emotional health The body responds to danger by releasing hormones into the blood stream. This immediately give us an edge both physically and mentally, giving us more strength and mental alertness, to help us survive. In the fast paced life we live today the stress buttons are being constantly pressed. Instead of escaping from a sabre tooth tiger we are stressed about important presentations, getting stuck in traffic and meeting targets. The result impermeably having to experience the feelings of danger and readiness at the expense of being calm and relaxed. With Cutting edge psychological tools and traditional practices you can be finding the calm in and average of between 1 and 4 sessions  
14 Years Experience

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