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Greenwich, Connecticut therapist: Greta Cowles Consulting, life coach
Dissociative Disorders

Greta Cowles Consulting

Life Coach, LMFT, SEP, PIT, Trauma Stress Studies
These disorders are caused by trauma and are a natural mechanism to deal with trauma: somatic therapies support the processing of the trauma, which is held in the body and can be discharged, such that one does not dissociate in the future.  
11 Years Experience
Oakville, Ontario therapist: Hiba Khatkhat @ Under The Oaks Self Care Center, registered psychotherapist
Dissociative Disorders

Hiba Khatkhat @ Under The Oaks Self Care Center

Registered Psychotherapist, MA CMHC, RP
Dissociation is the mind's great ability to protect you and help you get through extreme overwhelm and hardship. We all have the ability to do it. It's on a continuum. When it's not seen as a disorder, it shows up as numbing or being on auto-pilot (like when you forget to take your exit driving and you say "my mind was somewhere else"). When it's a disorder, it can have tremendous impacts on many areas in your life. Focusing on integration and stabilization becomes key. We combine trauma informed care with the structural dissociation theory of personality, along with practices informed by internal family systems to deliver a tailored approach, in addition to trauma therapy that targets the root causes.  
22 Years Experience

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