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Scottsdale, Arizona therapist: Claire Karakey, therapist
Eating Disorders

Claire Karakey

Therapist, LPC, MC
Individuals experiencing Eating Disorders have an obsessive focus on food and are critical of their bodies to an extent that affects their daily lives. Age, gender, genetics, stress, and even certain vocations can lend to an eating disorder. For example, a runner or gymnast may be more disposed to an eating disorder – teenagers and young adults struggling with social pressures or individuals experiencing divorce or career changes are also prone to developing problematic eating habits. These individuals are generally attempting to cope with their overwhelming feelings and painful emotions by controlling what they ingest. There are several types of eating disorders with varied actions and effects. Anorexia Nervosa is a severe restriction of food and overexercising causing the individual to become very thin and malnourished. Bulimia Nervosa is a cycle of binging on large amounts of food then purging the calories by vomiting, laxatives, and excessive exercise. Binge Eating Disorder (BED) involves binge eating without purging and they can’t seem to stop eating even when overly full, then they feel guilty and embarrassed by the situation. Other eating disorders include Pica, Rumination Disorder, Avoidant/Restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), Night Eating Syndrome (NES), and Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorder (OSFED). An individual with an eating disorder can recover and learn to have a healthy relationship with food again. It is helpful to recognize the signs and get treatment as early as possible. Medical doctors should also be consulted in addition to a therapist to ensure nutritional needs are being met for optimal health and general wellbeing. Family support is also helpful, especially when an adolescent or young adult is being treated.  
9 Years Experience
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Scottsdale, Arizona therapist: The Mandel Center of Arizona, licensed clinical social worker
Eating Disorders

The Mandel Center of Arizona

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW
Alyssa Mandel, LCSW, founder and Director of The Mandel Center of Arizona, has created an environment to promote psychotherapeutic healing to people in need. Ms. Mandel's philosophy centers on empowering clients through the therapeutic relationship.  
32 Years Experience
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Chandler, Arizona therapist: Michael Klinkner, licensed clinical social worker
Eating Disorders

Michael Klinkner

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW
The reasons for and effects of eating disorders are unique and complex. They require lots of special training and holistic approach. I have years of training and experience in working with eating disorders. I work to help clients address their issues from a variety of different angles and determine the underlying causes behind the problems.  
25 Years Experience
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Haslet, Texas therapist: Dr. Taylor Larsen, licensed professional counselor
Eating Disorders

Dr. Taylor Larsen

Licensed Professional Counselor, PsyD, LPC, NCC, CTP
We specialize in CBT, CPT, EMDR, Trauma, ACT, and DBT to assist individuals with managing and recovering from their eating disorders.  
8 Years Experience
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Dallas, Texas therapist: Dr. Alexavery Hawkins, psychologist
Eating Disorders

Dr. Alexavery Hawkins

Psychologist, PhD
I help people create flexibility and self-compassion as they heal from their negative relationship with their body and move away from diet culture. My goal is for clients to progress out of the strict, perfectionistic, and harsh rule-based mindset to a place where they can live a more full, empowered, and joyous life.  
11 Years Experience
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